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Vera Wang Embrace

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I’ve partnered with Vera Wang Fragrances to bring you this video about embracing the little things. Reading a book, swinging on swings, and taking a walk every once in a while are things that my daughter Kylie taught me to embrace and love. It’s our special time together. This fragrance by Vera Wang is soft and floral with marigold and gardenia. Personally, gardenia always reminds me of summer as a kid. My mom had them planted in our garden. I hope this video inspires you to embrace the little things and cherish loved ones. Thank you to Vera Wang Fragrances.


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I had such a fun time hosting the Bella Dahl event at Bloomingdales. If you don’t know already, Bella Dahl clothing is made right here in Los Angeles and they feature some of the

softest clothes I’ve ever felt!

I definitely encourage you to check them out and feel their denim tops. Check their website here.

Thanks for those of you who came out! We had a great time. As always, check out my vlogging channel where I show my daily life!

San Francisco Photo Diary

I know you guys don’t see a lot of Kylie on my blog so I wanted
to start sharing more of her here as well as on her blog.
These were taken on our trip up to Northern California.
Sorry for the mash up of photos! I have so much to show you from
my recent road trip with Peter and Kylie so I wanted to get these
ones on the blog asap!
I loved San Fran. I wish I could’ve spent more time there. We had
such good food at local places that you guys recommended on my
instagram. Thanks for the advice! We had the best french soul
food and sea food ever!
Anyway, hope you like this little photo diary.
Love you all.

Poolside With Baby

Had an awesome stay at this beautiful estate in Malibu last weekend.
Kylie and I lounged by the pool for a while and took some pictures
in our Tori Praver swim. Their kids bikinis are so cute I can hardly
stand it.
I’m slowly building up my one piece collection. A couple years ago
I would have never worn one because I felt like my torso looked
weird or something. But now I know there are so many different
cuts and fits that can work for everyone.
Hope you guys like the pictures. Check out Kylie’s blog for more!
photos by Peter Adrian

Happy Mother’s Day

     Happy Mother’s Day! Kylie and I took advantage of
this beautiful property and did a quick little Mother’s
Day shoot.
Being a mother has been the greatest thing in my life.
I have so much more respect for my mother now that
I know how hard it is. (and I was a naughty child)
I love you mom and thank you for teaching me how to
walk and talk and thank you for teaching me how to be
a good mom to my daughter now.
Go love on your mommas today.
Love you all.
photos by Peter Adrian

Morning Routine

I think its important to have a positive, early start to the day.
I take a few moments for myself and my skin, write in my journal,
drink lots of tea and spend time with my daughter and the new pup.
Clearasil asked me how I win the day, and this is exactly how, by
taking time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things.
Right now, Clearasil is offering a free rebate on their products I
tried out. I loved the smell of the Clearasil Daily Clear products
and the clean feeling of my skin after using!
Check out the rebate here
photos by Maddison Rothery
This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own

The Dreslyn Part 1

     I’m so excited to finally share the images that go along
with the video Easton and I shot for The Dreslyn! It was
such a fun time being able to shoot with my daughter,
Kylie. Its been a while since she was on my blog! I’ll be
posting more pictures of her on her blog.
Well, I hope you like them! This is the first of many looks
that we did, so stay tuned for more from The Dreslyn shoot!
Blouse: Equipment

Downtown Date

    Managed to snap a few outfit pics in busy downtown
    after having coffee at Bottega Louie. Kylie does this
    every time I have to take pictures. Thats why I started
    her her own blog. She LOVES being in pictures.
    Check out her blog HERE.
    I’ve been getting into lipstick lately! I always felt silly
    with it on but now I think it can really complete an
    outfit sometimes. What do you think?
    I’m a little scared to ask!
    Love you all.
jacket: borrowed from Madi
shoes: vintage
bag: vintage
necklace: vintage (similar)

Always Sweeter

    Remember my cousin, Maddison?? She’s back! Went on a mini trip downtown to
    Bottega Louie with Kylie. Everything in that restaurant is beautiful.
    Even the water is pretty. Always a refreshing stop. I told Kylie she couldn’t
    have any of my coffee so she asked if she could have the creamer instead.
    You know.. why not?
    I used to drink the creamers when I was little..
    Hope you enjoyed this little photo diary. Outfit photos coming soon!
    Love you all.

Christmas at the Struble House


These were taken about a week ago when we set up our family Christmas tree. Our tree isn’t themed at all. Its basically just a mess of ornaments collected over our lifetime and thrown up on the tree. The more the merrier! We have an angel that goes on top of the tree every year. It used to be a big deal about who gets to put it on top when my sisters and I were little. We let Kylie put it on top this year.
I love that my parents house looks the same every Christmas. We don’t really do anything different. But I like the tradition.
Love you all.
Happy Holidays!