San Francisco Photo Diary

I know you guys don’t see a lot of Kylie on my blog so I wanted
to start sharing more of her here as well as on her blog.
These were taken on our trip up to Northern California.
Sorry for the mash up of photos! I have so much to show you from
my recent road trip with Peter and Kylie so I wanted to get these
ones on the blog asap!
I loved San Fran. I wish I could’ve spent more time there. We had
such good food at local places that you guys recommended on my
instagram. Thanks for the advice! We had the best french soul
food and sea food ever!
Anyway, hope you like this little photo diary.
Love you all.

37 comments on “San Francisco Photo Diary

  1. She’s so cute and stylish!

    <3 Taylor

  2. Which part of San Francisco is this? It’s beautiful


  3. She’s adorable, she looks just like you! Looks like ye had a great time :)


  4. awesome pictures! <3

  5. Beautiful pics!! :)

    heartbeat blog

  6. She is so cute <3 Love these pics! x

  7. These photos are so lovely and capture SF perfectly!



  8. She is adorable! Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

  9. really lovely photos. I adore your blog

  10. Such an adorable daughter you have!! Very pretty!

  11. Lovely photos. San Fran is one of my favorite places. There are so many charming little pockets all over the city…perfect for exploring!

  12. so beautiful little girl,and i love her

  13. So beautiful and lovely girl, Like the picture, thanks for your sharing.

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  14. Kylie is so adorable! Beautiful photos :)

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  16. Andrijana

    Hi Beth,
    I saw your tips in this guide that I’m using to make my style blog, and since I love love LOVE your pics, I was wondering could you reveal to me do you use some kind of app or a filter? Cause they are PERFECT! The colours are always so great!

    Thanks so much!


  17. Anonymous

    Oooww I would love to go to San Francisco and this summery look is really cute!!
    Don’t hesitate to visit my blog for some more inspiration ;);
    Comtesse Sofia

  18. These photos are gorgeous. They have such a beautiful sense of emotion! <3

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