Christmas at the Struble House


These were taken about a week ago when we set up our family Christmas tree. Our tree isn’t themed at all. Its basically just a mess of ornaments collected over our lifetime and thrown up on the tree. The more the merrier! We have an angel that goes on top of the tree every year. It used to be a big deal about who gets to put it on top when my sisters and I were little. We let Kylie put it on top this year.
I love that my parents house looks the same every Christmas. We don’t really do anything different. But I like the tradition.
Love you all.
Happy Holidays!

17 comments on “Christmas at the Struble House

  1. that puppy is too precious! love the photos!
    Glass of Fashion

  2. beautiful photos!

  3. Beautiful and adorable pics ♡

  4. such a beautiful warm place to spend christmas in!

  5. Your house looks so festive and warm (the feeling as opposed to the temperature). Your daughter is the cutest, I think she should be at the top of the tree :)

    x karen

  6. Enjoyed this post thoroughly. Thanks for sharing!

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  7. I love the photos!! (: Christmas is a wonderful time.


  8. i really loved Hello Kitty when i was a child too! x

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  10. Beautiful photos dear <3

    Kisses, Elly

  11. Such lovely photos!

  12. Stunning shots! Looks like so much fun xx

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