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Kylie at Piha Beach
One of our first sunsets in Auckland
Auckland from the Sky Tower
Kite Kite falls

My life has drastically changed in the past few months. I’ve totally neglected this blog since I started daily vlogging on YouTube and I want to change that! I’ve moved to one of the most beautiful places on earth and its time to share that on my blog not just on my instagram.

I’ve shot plenty of blog posts since moving to New Zealand, but haven’t found the time or motivation to get it done and posted. Hopefully this new year I can get my act together and actually be a blogger again. Who knows.. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself. I wanna take this blog back old school and just post what I want. I don’t want to be forcing out outfit posts and crap I don’t love but I’m just posting because I “have to” post.

I may or may not leave again for months (don’t take it personal) but this is a space that I own, and with instagram steadily dying, I’m glad I still have my tired old website to come back to.

Hope you guys are still around!

Love you all. xo

Vera Wang Embrace

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I’ve partnered with Vera Wang Fragrances to bring you this video about embracing the little things. Reading a book, swinging on swings, and taking a walk every once in a while are things that my daughter Kylie taught me to embrace and love. It’s our special time together. This fragrance by Vera Wang is soft and floral with marigold and gardenia. Personally, gardenia always reminds me of summer as a kid. My mom had them planted in our garden. I hope this video inspires you to embrace the little things and cherish loved ones. Thank you to Vera Wang Fragrances.


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I had such a fun time hosting the Bella Dahl event at Bloomingdales. If you don’t know already, Bella Dahl clothing is made right here in Los Angeles and they feature some of the

softest clothes I’ve ever felt!

I definitely encourage you to check them out and feel their denim tops. Check their website here.

Thanks for those of you who came out! We had a great time. As always, check out my vlogging channel where I show my daily life!

The Gift Guide 2015


I’ve put together a gift guide featuring products I’ve tried and tested and LOVE. Hope you find some inspiration. The guide is sorted under where to buy.




IMG_8640e IMG_8641e IMG_8642e


1. Arrowhead Necklace

2. Primrose Beach Waves sea salt spray

3. Marble & Milkweed camellia blossom tea




IMG_8648e IMG_8651e IMG_8652e IMG_8653e

1. Sunnies

2. Classic Charades in a box

3. Amber Fig candle

4. Leather passport and card holder

5. Madewell Warm Weather Gift Box





1. Dogeared necklace

2. Freshen Up First Aid Beauty set

3. Peony Petals candle

4. Dogeared Karma earrings

5. Lippy Butter London liquid lipsticks

6. Small gold pouch

7. Weekly pocket planner

8. Sephora by OPI nail polish

9. C. Booth Dry Oil Mist

10. Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom

Closet Update With Lowes

IMG_9967e IMG_9966eIMG_0071e IMG_0070eIMG_0060eIMG_0058eIMG_0880e IMG_0881e IMG_0885e IMG_0891e

As you guys know from my instagram and snapchat, I got a closet makeover

last October with the help of Lowes!

I wanted closet doors, but I didn’t want the generic sliding mirror doors.

I took the mirrored doors off and left my closet open for a while, but

to me it looked too cluttered without doors.

These french bi-fold doors were perfect to keep everything looking put

away, but still be able to see my clothes!

The installation was pretty painless. It was slightly difficult, but not impossible!

To finish, I added some brass door pulls for an elegant touch.

I’m so happy with how it turned out. A big thank you to Lowes for helping

with my mini closet makeover!


Valentines Day Italian Sodas

     Happy (almost) Valentines Day! I made these italian sodas for
     Peter and Kylie last year and it was so fun. It’s so simple
     and yummy and perfect for Valentines Day.
     All you need are:
     -Glasses (mine are vintage, but these are beautiful too)
     –Pretty Straws
     -Club Soda
     -Syrups (preferably red or pink)
     -Half and Half (you could probably use creamy coconut milk too)
     I just poured half a glass of club soda and messed around with the amount
     syrup and cream I used. You’ll find what you like!
     Hope you and your loved ones have an amazing Valentine’s Day!

Kylie’s Room Reveal with Laurel and Wolf

     I’m so excited to share Kylie’s room makeover! Do you
remember when I asked for you all to vote on which room
design you liked best? Well, this is the winner! We got to
work with the designer to make sure the final design plan was
perfect for Kylie. Laurel and Wolf makes it easy to connect
to interior designers and design the room of your dreams.
This was definitely the case for Kylie’s room. She is one
happy 5 year old. A big thanks to the friends Laurel and Wolf
for making this possible. xx
Dresser from Davinci Baby
Bedding from Serena & Lily
Mini Table and Chairs from Babyletto
Wall mural: Anthropologie
photos c/o Laurel and Wolf

Holiday Party

     Holiday parties are always difficult to dress for. At least
for me they are. I tend to either over dress or under dress.
I think this outfit is a happy medium. It has just the right
amount of embellishment paired with some boots and my
favorite moto jacket. Also, I cut my hair again! This time
a little shorter. I think I like it.
Love you all!
Boots: vintage (similar)
photos by Casey

Gift Guide 2014

Gifts for Her
Gifts For Him
1. Kiehl’s After-Shave moisturizer (cuz he should take care of himself too)
2. Gold playing cards (for his party tricks)
3. Pour-over coffee maker (easy as 123)
4. After Dinner Blend Coffee
5. Constellation Mug 
6. Gold Casio watch (revamped classic)
7. A Gentleman’s Notes 
8. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel (Peter loves his)
9. Card case
10. Iphone case
11. leather keychain