Catching Up


I’m trying to catch up to the actual date, so here are some more photographs from this summer in Michigan. Once I get my camera back from that russian boy, I’ll take more photos of my lovely sister Sarah, who is the girl in photos 1, 5, 6, and 9.

5 comments on “Catching Up

  1. Beautiful pictures…♥
    And yes, I love the H&M rings, too =)

  2. great pictures! love the wedges!

  3. Wow lovely pictures!
    And those leopard printed wedges, those are amazing!
    Where did you buy those? :)

  4. i made the wedges from knee high boots my mom found at a garage sale! they used to have a wooden sole so i cut the extra fabric on a super glued it to the bottom haha and then i sewed them into angle boots

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