Down By The River

  • Down By The River

    Down By The River

    This was one of my favorite evenings in Auckland. My friend Sophie invited us all over for dinner. The house was incredible. It had a full wall of windows overlooking the river below. We spent the night playing games and bothering the neighbors. Sorry if we got you in trouble Sophie! I miss New Zealand so…

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  • Balcony in Auckland

    Balcony in Auckland

    I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to get all my New Zealand posts up. My workspace is less than ideal right now. We’re ripping out the floor tiles and the whole office is a mess. My computer is completely full and my external hard-drive is full as well. Need to get a new…

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  • Low Tide

    Low Tide

    The tides in New Zealand were insane. A few hours later and this place would be underwater. Peter and I explored the neighborhood and came across this magical place. I hope I get the chance to go back to Auckland someday. Dress: Thrifted (similar here) Shoes: Birkenstock Bag: Cuyana Photos by Peter Adrian edited by…

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  • Waiheke Island part 2

    Waiheke Island part 2

         I would say, if you ever get the chance to go to New Zealand, go! It’s such an incredible place. And Waiheke Island was gorgeous. We took the early boat out and left the island just as the sun was setting over the city. The whole island glowed. Other than me awkwardly taking bathing…

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  • Waiheke Island NZ Photo Diary part 1

    Waiheke Island NZ Photo Diary part 1

         Finally diving into my New Zealand posts! While we      were in Auckland, we visited Waiheke Island, which is      only a short boat ride away from the city. It was such a      gorgeous place. A tropical getaway from Auckland.      I have so many pictures so I’ll…

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  • Home Sweet Auckland

    Home Sweet Auckland

         New Zealand is now my favorite place I’ve ever travelled. Here is a quick outfit post from when we were in Auckland! I have so many photos still on my camera that I have to upload. Can’t wait to show you our adventures! Follow me on instagram to stay updated! @bethanystruble Top: Subtle…

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  • Michigan Fall 2014 Photo Diary

    Michigan Fall 2014 Photo Diary

         I didn’t take too many pictures on this trip because of how packed our schedule was! We had the premier of Mickey Matson and the Pirates Code in Grand Rapids and multiple pre and after parties to celebrate. I was glad that we got to experience a colorful fall. In Los Angeles, the…

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  • Chill In The Air

    Chill In The Air

         I wasn’t expecting the cold to be so harsh in Michigan.      I had to layer up what sweaters I brought just to stand      outside for a minute. You can see me clutching my coffee      like it’s my lifeline. I’m also in desperate need of another    …

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  • Glass House

    Glass House

         Finishing up the posts from the desert with this one.      Just a simple black lace dress that I can’t get enough of.      Dress: Free People Shoes: (Similar)

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  • Deserted


         Being in Joshua Tree and disconnecting for a while is always a refresher. I try to make it out there once a year at least and its usually with Olivia. haha We seem to always find ourselves lost on a crazy trail or off-roading in a sedan but its the perfect getaway from…

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