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Michigan Fall 2014 Photo Diary

     I didn’t take too many pictures on this trip because of
how packed our schedule was! We had the premier of
Mickey Matson and the Pirates Code in Grand Rapids
and multiple pre and after parties to celebrate.
I was glad that we got to experience a colorful fall. In
Los Angeles, the trees just aren’t as vibrant as they are
in Michigan during the fall. Hope you like the pictures.
Love you all.

Chill In The Air

     I wasn’t expecting the cold to be so harsh in Michigan.
     I had to layer up what sweaters I brought just to stand
     outside for a minute. You can see me clutching my coffee
     like it’s my lifeline. I’m also in desperate need of another
     haircut. My hair grows way too fast to keep it shoulder
     length. Anyway, hope you like the photos. Michigan is
     one of my happy places and I never spend too much of
     my time blogging when I’m there. It’s sort of my place to
     disconnect and enjoy the nature that I don’t get to see
     in Los Angeles.
     Love you all.
     photos by Peter Adrian

Island Birthday Iphone Photo Diary

     Peter surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island on my
birthday. We decided not to bring the camera along and
just enjoy the island.
(I wouldn’t have had any time to take any outfit posts anyway!)
After snorkeling, paddle boarding, para-sailing, jet skiing,
hiking, tons of ice cream cones, and many failed underwater
photos later, we were burnt to a crisp, but it was worth it.
White blouse: d.Ra
White lace halter: Tillys
Floral Skirt: Black Five
Swim suit and cover up: Eberjey

Happy Mother’s Day

     Happy Mother’s Day! Kylie and I took advantage of
this beautiful property and did a quick little Mother’s
Day shoot.
Being a mother has been the greatest thing in my life.
I have so much more respect for my mother now that
I know how hard it is. (and I was a naughty child)
I love you mom and thank you for teaching me how to
walk and talk and thank you for teaching me how to be
a good mom to my daughter now.
Go love on your mommas today.
Love you all.
photos by Peter Adrian

We Need A Little Christmas

This is the first year in my house that I got to decorate for
Christmas and I was so excited! I made Kylie an advent
calendar and put the tree up even before Thanksgiving.
I went with a silver white and gold theme this year. Most
of our ornaments on the tree were hand painted or completely
home-made. I think its better that way. Then theres always
memories on the tree. Kylie and I want to make at least one
new ornament every year from now on. Soon it will be filled
like the one at my parents house almost falling over with the
weight of 20 years of ornaments on it.
I also hand painted my own wrapping paper with little sayings.
Personal touches always make gifts more special. How have you
decorated for Christmas? Any special traditions? Hope you enjoyed
the peek into my home!


     Visiting the Eames House is one of those things that I have always
     wanted to do, but never did until the perfect opportunity came up
     when Olivia and I were showing the men from Fohr Card around LA.
     Definitely a cool experience much different than going to a museum.
     You can tell that the house was loved and lived in. I recommend
     going if you’re in LA!
     photo of Olivia and me by James Nord
       others by me


Marble Case

     Here’s a peek at my side table and my new phone case I designed
     on caseable! I’m obsessed with anything marble so I just uploaded
     an image of white marble and put it on a case in the “design your own”
     feature at caseable. I designed another one that I’ll show you guys soon!
     case c/o caseable