Island Birthday Iphone Photo Diary

     Peter surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island on my
birthday. We decided not to bring the camera along and
just enjoy the island.
(I wouldn’t have had any time to take any outfit posts anyway!)
After snorkeling, paddle boarding, para-sailing, jet skiing,
hiking, tons of ice cream cones, and many failed underwater
photos later, we were burnt to a crisp, but it was worth it.
White blouse: d.Ra
White lace halter: Tillys
Floral Skirt: Black Five
Swim suit and cover up: Eberjey

16 comments on “Island Birthday Iphone Photo Diary

  1. Beautiful outfits and pictures! Packed with fun!

  2. amazing photos
    adore your blog

  3. Gorgeous pics!

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love Catalina hoping to go back before summer ends! :)


  5. Catalina Island looks gorgeous! and beautiful pictures!


  6. Looks like a great time! What an amazing bday gift :)

  7. Lovely shots !

  8. omg, beautiful pictures! ;)
    tasha x

  9. I love all the photos! :) x

    Verve Hues 30

  10. These images look so nice, I can’t wait for summer here in Melbourne!


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