• Rooftops


    jacket: Viparo     jeans: pac sun     shoes: vintage     shirt: vintage This was taken a day before I left for Michigan! Peter and I climbed up on the roof of my old school and took some pictures. Today’s the first day of filming on set! I’ll be starting up the blog…

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  • Its Colder Here

    Its Colder Here

    jacket: Viparo    sweater: Romwe     jeans: Joe’s jeans      shoes: forever 21 photos by Lauren Rothery Well, its cold in Michigan. Woops.. I brought like 100 pairs of shorts. Luckily I brought this jacket I was sent from Viparo. Its my favorite jacket now!  So I’ve been doing a lot of layering…

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  • Empty In This House

    Empty In This House

    Dress: LOVE      shoes: vintage       hat: vintage photos by Peter A. Let me just tell you how much fun it was swishing my dress every which way haha. If you guys ever wonder what Kylie does while I’m taking photos, this last picture explains it. She sits there and waits her…

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  • Suburb Street Style

    Suburb Street Style

    sweater: Romwe     skirt: Viparo     shoes: steve madden gretta sandals c/o      sunglasses: 80’s purple (lennons)     bag: my mom’s  I don’t really fit into the suburbs haha. I think its perfectly normal to go on a walk with my daughter wearing heels. These photos were taken by the…

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  • Sing Me A Song Of Home

    Sing Me A Song Of Home

    sweater: forever 21       jeans: Levis curve       shoes: forever 21       bag: vintage These jeans were gifted to me by Levis and!! These photos were taken for the Levis Curve ID collaboration. You can take a quiz HERE to find your perfect fit! Its actually really cool.…

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  • Giveaway Winner!!

    Giveaway Winner!!

    $50 to and the winner is… Elizabete!!  Congrats!! You’ll be emailed shortly!

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  • Photoshoot in Venice

    Photoshoot in Venice

    photos by Taylor McCutchan These were shot back in April. haha some of these photos were floating around tumblr for a while! Taylor called me up for a photoshoot when he found me on lookbook and I brought along two model boys ahaha. Of course you know Peter, and the other boy is Sam. I…

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  • Walk Around With You

    Walk Around With You

    shirt: H&M       jacket: Tinley Road        necklace: vintage         shorts: vintage          shoes: Nine West (courtesy of Nine West x Collaboration with Nine West x!! So honored I got to be a part of this! These shoes are so comfortable and perfect…

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  • I’m Sick of Watching Frog Princess

    I’m Sick of Watching Frog Princess

    vest: chicwish     shorts: hot topic      top: vintage      necklace: DIY       sunglasses: Ray Ban (adams)       shoes: forever 21 photos by Adam G My daughter has been watching the princess and the frog on replay every day for the past 2 months. its ruined for me.…

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  • Nobody Else

    Nobody Else

    skirt: LOVE   shoes: steve madden greta     shirt: H&M      jacket: Tinley Road     sunglasses: Linda Jealous of all my friends going to/in New York tonight! Are any of you going? :)  I know I wear this jacket way too much. Its just so comfortable..  Anyways.. I galaxy printed my nails. I…

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