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jacket: Viparo     jeans: pac sun     shoes: vintage     shirt: vintage
This was taken a day before I left for Michigan! Peter and I climbed up on the roof of my old school and took some pictures. Today’s the first day of filming on set! I’ll be starting up the blog soon and I’ll be sure to link you all whenever its updated! 
Lee Arenberg from Pirates of the Carribean is one of our villains. I can’t tell you how excited I am for that! I’m going to have the urge to say “ello poppet” all day. hahah don’t worry, I wont. 
I don’t have much time to write, but I just wanted to update and post an outfit! 
love you all.

Its Colder Here

jacket: Viparo    sweater: Romwe     jeans: Joe’s jeans      shoes: forever 21
photos by Lauren Rothery
Well, its cold in Michigan. Woops.. I brought like 100 pairs of shorts. Luckily I brought this jacket I was sent from Viparo. Its my favorite jacket now! 
So I’ve been doing a lot of layering here. Lots of sweaters over button ups and socks and boots. 
Lauren (my cousin) and I have been working our butts off for wardrobe on the set of Mikey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy. And I’ve been doing the on set photography as well as all the behind the scenes photography and video. I’ll be updating their blog regularly as soon as we get that running! 
I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while! We were supposed to have internet at our house, but of course we don’t have it until Monday. I’m sitting on some peoples lawn using their free wifi right now. Thats dedication. haha 
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Love you all. 

Empty In This House

Dress: LOVE      shoes: vintage       hat: vintage
photos by Peter A.
Let me just tell you how much fun it was swishing my dress every which way haha. If you guys ever wonder what Kylie does while I’m taking photos, this last picture explains it. She sits there and waits her turn until she gets to take pictures. But sometimes she gets impatient and runs into the photos with me.
I kind of wish I could run through a graveyard in this dress. I feel so ghost-like in it.. maybe I’m just strange. My overly dramatic title should explain my mood right now haha
I’m going into Hollywood tomorrow to do a shoot for an extremely big company. ;) I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what its for yet! But its biiiiiiiiiig and I cant wait!!
What has September brought you so far? 
love you all.

Suburb Street Style

sweater: Romwe     skirt: Viparo     shoes: steve madden gretta sandals c/o      sunglasses: 80’s purple (lennons)     bag: my mom’s 
I don’t really fit into the suburbs haha. I think its perfectly normal to go on a walk with my daughter wearing heels. These photos were taken by the wonderful Peter A. (he got really artsy and shot through some flowers in the last photo) haha
I’m really getting excited for the film! I can’t wait to tell you all who the stars are and take photos of the costumes and show you the “behind the scenes”. I’ll probably make videos too :)
So, I’ve just been preparing myself for that and stocking up on some outfit posts so I have backup if I fail to document my day to day outfits while I’m away. 
Hope you all are well. Thank you for all your votes on the bloggers wardrobe contest! I’m waiting to hear the results! For now just cross your fingers for me! 
Love you all.

Sing Me A Song Of Home

sweater: forever 21       jeans: Levis curve       shoes: forever 21       bag: vintage
These jeans were gifted to me by Levis and!! These photos were taken for the Levis Curve ID collaboration. You can take a quiz HERE to find your perfect fit! Its actually really cool. Its not about the size, its about the shape! 
I paired the jeans with a knit sweater I picked up from Forever 21 the other day. 
and no thats not my house haha I like taking pictures in front of random houses. ;)
Heres a little update: 
I’m leaving the 21st until the 20th of October to work as a wardrobe stylist and still photographer on a feature film! I seriously can’t wait. Its going to be an amazing production. I’ll keep you updated with photographs and videos! I’ll have my own Canon 5D to work with all month!! 
So excited for that :) 
Hope you are well. 
Love you all. 

Photoshoot in Venice

These were shot back in April. haha some of these photos were floating around tumblr for a while! Taylor called me up for a photoshoot when he found me on lookbook and I brought along two model boys ahaha. Of course you know Peter, and the other boy is Sam. I don’t think you guys have ever seen him on my blog, but he’s one of my best friends. :) 
This was a really fun shoot! We basically just hung out in Venice all day and messed around! 
Hope you like the photos! I’ll be posting the behind the scenes pictures I took very soon!
and do I smell another collaboration coming uuup?? ;)
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love you all
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Walk Around With You

shirt: H&M       jacket: Tinley Road        necklace: vintage         shorts: vintage          shoes: Nine West (courtesy of Nine West x
Collaboration with Nine West x!! So honored I got to be a part of this!
These shoes are so comfortable and perfect for fall. They have silver shimmer on the sides that subtle, but is a beautiful touch. 
Anyways, hope you all are enjoying fashion week! 
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I’m Sick of Watching Frog Princess

vest: chicwish     shorts: hot topic      top: vintage      necklace: DIY       sunglasses: Ray Ban (adams)       shoes: forever 21
photos by Adam G
My daughter has been watching the princess and the frog on replay every day for the past 2 months. its ruined for me. but I digress. 
This is sort of different from what I’ve been posting lately haha. I haven’t worn these wedges since last winter I think! 
Oh for those of you who came to Peters show last night, thanks!! Theres another show tonight at 8! If you guys live in the LA area and wanna come just email me!
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Nobody Else

skirt: LOVE   shoes: steve madden greta     shirt: H&M      jacket: Tinley Road     sunglasses: Linda
Jealous of all my friends going to/in New York tonight! Are any of you going? :) 
I know I wear this jacket way too much. Its just so comfortable.. 
Anyways.. I galaxy printed my nails. I can’t wait to show you guys! Hopefully I don’t pick it off before my next outfit post haha I tend to pick at my nail polish. Bad habit. 
Not much to say as usual.. 
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