Empty In This House

Dress: LOVE      shoes: vintage       hat: vintage
photos by Peter A.
Let me just tell you how much fun it was swishing my dress every which way haha. If you guys ever wonder what Kylie does while I’m taking photos, this last picture explains it. She sits there and waits her turn until she gets to take pictures. But sometimes she gets impatient and runs into the photos with me.
I kind of wish I could run through a graveyard in this dress. I feel so ghost-like in it.. maybe I’m just strange. My overly dramatic title should explain my mood right now haha
I’m going into Hollywood tomorrow to do a shoot for an extremely big company. ;) I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what its for yet! But its biiiiiiiiiig and I cant wait!!
What has September brought you so far? 
love you all.