Sing Me A Song Of Home

sweater: forever 21       jeans: Levis curve       shoes: forever 21       bag: vintage
These jeans were gifted to me by Levis and!! These photos were taken for the Levis Curve ID collaboration. You can take a quiz HERE to find your perfect fit! Its actually really cool. Its not about the size, its about the shape! 
I paired the jeans with a knit sweater I picked up from Forever 21 the other day. 
and no thats not my house haha I like taking pictures in front of random houses. ;)
Heres a little update: 
I’m leaving the 21st until the 20th of October to work as a wardrobe stylist and still photographer on a feature film! I seriously can’t wait. Its going to be an amazing production. I’ll keep you updated with photographs and videos! I’ll have my own Canon 5D to work with all month!! 
So excited for that :) 
Hope you are well. 
Love you all.