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I’ll Swim Across Lake Michigan

sweater: forever 21 (similar style)      denim jacket: vintage levis        jeans: Levis curve ID (compliments of levis and      shoes: laurens closet       sunglasses: vintage
Photos of me by Lauren. All rest by me.
Heres a video for you all to enjoy! Lauren shot all the video of me and I did all the rest. and those feet are Laurens. She has cute little baby feet. I decided not to show mine too closely haha
This is the backyard of the house that I’m staying at in Michigan. The sunsets are gorgeous at night.
Updates: I’ve been starting my day at 530am every morning and going home from work around 730pm. My family is coming to visit on the 6th and Peters coming along!! I’m so excited. I miss my daughter so much. Work is good and the movie is really looking great!! I can’t wait to show you guys photos!!
love you all.

New Saxony (part 2)

Here are pictures of the scene that my sisters did for the trailer! My sisters did an amazing job. :) I’m really proud of them. Isn’t the setting crazy though? This is on Lake Michigan. The sand and the snow seem so strange together! But so beautiful.
Also, I found the behind the scenes video for you guys to watch on vimeo so its easier:

American Music Awards

Well, this is a bit late. I took these pictures at the rehearsals for the American Music Awards. I wasn’t allowed to post these pictures until after the show had aired, but then I forgot about them. Haha. My sister and I watched everyone rehearse the day before the show. Its crazy how much preparation goes into these shows!

My dad is actually the music director for the show. He writes the music that plays when the show cuts to commercial and when the talent is walking up on stage to receive an award and stuff. They’re just short bits of music. I help my dad out and write a lot of the cues. Because I’m not legally hired, he has to put me as the cowriter. But its awesome to hear my music on TV! I guess the old man is alright haha. But I really enjoy going to the rehearsals not just to see the talent rehearse, but to go backstage and into “the box” as the guys call it. “The Box” is where they control everything. The director has one side where he calls the camera shots and does whatever else he does, and the sound guys have the other side.

The sound guys are all so funny! They all sit around and joke with each other. They taught me about all the things they do last year, so this year we were just visiting and laughing. :) I asked them what they thought of Ke$ha because she had just rehearsed, and immediately one of the guys said “I left” followed by another comment, “not my cup of tea.” Ahahaha my sister and I were laughing so hard. They have to sit in that little box for a long time, poor guys.

Anyway, that last picture of me is awful, but I put it up because I think its funny. If you’re wondering why there are pictures of the stars strapped to the seats, here is the answer: they set the camera to go on their place before the show, so they mark the seats they are going to be sitting in with a cardboard sign. Kinda cool. :)

I don’t know what else to say. I’m really bad at writing haha I apologize for my run on sentences and grammar mistakes. Oh well. Cant wait til next year!

Just a little adventure

ventura festival
getting our tea leaves read
you may recognize this photo from maddisons lookbook :)
First off, photocredit goes to Maddison for the pictures that I am in.
This day was wonderful. We stopped on our way to Ventura at a little fruit stand. It was a perfect day and we bought ourselves some beautiful little apples and our beloved peach rings. When we got to Ventura we found out that there was some sort of a festival going on. There was a lady with a sign that said “tea leaf readings”. We decided to give it a try since it was only $5. I was told that I will have a house with a circle window and that my true love is “riding on a horse” as fast as he can to come find me. The lady also told me she saw a cheeseburger with wings in my cup and that she had no idea what the heck that meant. I really don’t know what to think of the whole thing. Even if it was just a load of bull, it was entertaining and definitely worth $5.

Summer in Michigan

walking to the beach
huckleberry picking
my sisters running through a wheat field
this is my sister
this is my daughter
and this is me

This is my family and my summer in Michigan. This post was just a mashup of all the different places we went and my favorite pictures I took throughout the month of July.