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Kylie’s Bedroom Makeover by Laurel and Wolf

(note: this last design is different than the one in the poll, but this is the final look that the designer chose)
     I’m teaming up with Laurel and Wolf to give my daughter
     a brand new bedroom! Laurel and Wolf is a site that makes
     it so easy to get interior designers help with decorating your home.
     Kylie’s room now is very mismatched (and not in a good way)
     and she’s in desperate need of some toy storage.
     I want it to be a space that will grow with her and that she will
     love for years to come!
     I’m beyond excited about this collaboration.
     Right now we need help deciding which design to go with for
     Kylie’s new bedroom! Click the link below to go and vote on
     which room you think we should choose! Thank you so much!!
     GO VOTE!

In The Family

     Meet my sister Hannah. She’s one of my three younger
     sisters. Having younger sisters has always been my biggest
     source of inspiration to make myself a better role model for
     them. They always keep me in check in return. Hannah is a
     talented and driven girl and I’m always inspired by her resilience
     and spirit. She was actually one of my first photographers when
     Snakes Nest first started. Hannah has always been there for me
     and for that, I’m so thankful.
     I’m excited to share that Calypso St. Barth is having a Friends
     and Family discount going on now. Use the code FRIENDS14
     for a 25% discount. Disclaimer: Not valid on fur, special orders, 
     lighting, furniture, art, mirrors, final sale merchandise or 
     previous purchases.No price adjustments. Not applicable 
     towards the purchase of gift cards. Cannot be combined with 
     other offers, promotions or gift cards. Not redeemable for cash 
     or credit.
     Love you all!

Island Birthday Iphone Photo Diary

     Peter surprised me with a trip to Catalina Island on my
birthday. We decided not to bring the camera along and
just enjoy the island.
(I wouldn’t have had any time to take any outfit posts anyway!)
After snorkeling, paddle boarding, para-sailing, jet skiing,
hiking, tons of ice cream cones, and many failed underwater
photos later, we were burnt to a crisp, but it was worth it.
White blouse: d.Ra
White lace halter: Tillys
Floral Skirt: Black Five
Swim suit and cover up: Eberjey

San Francisco Photo Diary

I know you guys don’t see a lot of Kylie on my blog so I wanted
to start sharing more of her here as well as on her blog.
These were taken on our trip up to Northern California.
Sorry for the mash up of photos! I have so much to show you from
my recent road trip with Peter and Kylie so I wanted to get these
ones on the blog asap!
I loved San Fran. I wish I could’ve spent more time there. We had
such good food at local places that you guys recommended on my
instagram. Thanks for the advice! We had the best french soul
food and sea food ever!
Anyway, hope you like this little photo diary.
Love you all.

Poolside With Baby

Had an awesome stay at this beautiful estate in Malibu last weekend.
Kylie and I lounged by the pool for a while and took some pictures
in our Tori Praver swim. Their kids bikinis are so cute I can hardly
stand it.
I’m slowly building up my one piece collection. A couple years ago
I would have never worn one because I felt like my torso looked
weird or something. But now I know there are so many different
cuts and fits that can work for everyone.
Hope you guys like the pictures. Check out Kylie’s blog for more!
photos by Peter Adrian

Happy Mother’s Day

     Happy Mother’s Day! Kylie and I took advantage of
this beautiful property and did a quick little Mother’s
Day shoot.
Being a mother has been the greatest thing in my life.
I have so much more respect for my mother now that
I know how hard it is. (and I was a naughty child)
I love you mom and thank you for teaching me how to
walk and talk and thank you for teaching me how to be
a good mom to my daughter now.
Go love on your mommas today.
Love you all.
photos by Peter Adrian

The Chop

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I
chopped all of my hair off recently.
This was a huge deal for me because I’ve had long hair
literally since I was 12. Never got it professionally cut. Ever.
And I know thats kind of a bad thing to admit. I’ve gotten trims
from friends every once in a while, but I’ve never gotten a “cut”.
I can’t tell you how good it feels! I’ve been wanting to do this
for years and I finally got the courage to do it. Hair is a strange
thing. I felt like I wouldn’t feel like myself if I cut it, but its the
opposite. I feel like a new me. I feel more put together.
I donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love. Won’t be growing
it back for a very long time I think.
How do you guys like my new hair?
Love you all.