Glow Zone

  • Glow Zone

    Glow Zone

    danny and me just me my arm We all went miniature golfing for Alex’s surprise party. I insisted on war paint. I found out I am quite good at miniature golf when I actually try, but I think I had more fun drawing tribal tattoos on everyone than actually playing the game.

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  • Catching Up

    Catching Up

      me me I’m trying to catch up to the actual date, so here are some more photographs from this summer in Michigan. Once I get my camera back from that russian boy, I’ll take more photos of my lovely sister Sarah, who is the girl in photos 1, 5, 6, and 9.

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  • Some Black and Whites

    Some Black and Whites

      Some black and white pictures I took in Michigan and Chicago. I haven’t had my camera recently because my friend Sam had to borrow it. Soon I’ll be doing a shoot with him. He’s russian. Thats all I have to say.

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  • Messes and Memories

    Messes and Memories

    I waited patiently for my cousin to put these pictures up on her blog so that I could put them up. Maddison is honestly one of the most talented people I know. She can seriously do everything. She paints, she photographs, she draws, she is an incredible ballet dancer (though she wont admit it). She…

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  • Childish intentions

    Childish intentions

    This was my last night with my best friend, Sam. We went TPing. And it was ridiculously fun. I felt like a child, but it was liberating. It was a last minute decision to go, like all “plans” I make with Sam. We stopped by the mexican market and picked up some cheap toilet paper.…

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  • Just a little adventure

    Just a little adventure

    ventura festival getting our tea leaves read you may recognize this photo from maddisons lookbook :) First off, photocredit goes to Maddison for the pictures that I am in. This day was wonderful. We stopped on our way to Ventura at a little fruit stand. It was a perfect day and we bought ourselves some…

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  • Schemes and dreams

    Schemes and dreams

      These are pictures that were taken by my cousin. Again here is her blog: The boy in the pictures with me is Ethan. I really don’t have much to say about this shoot except for thank you Madi..mahaha

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  • Black and a Lack

    Black and a Lack

    Well, I didn’t take these pictures. Obviously because I am in them.. my cousin Maddison took the ones she’s not in. Heres a link to her blog. She’s pretty amazing. Anyway, I apologize for the lack of clothing. Maddison and I started off the night at a party in LA. We left because of…

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  • Summer in Michigan

    Summer in Michigan

    walking to the beach huckleberry picking my sisters running through a wheat field this is my sister this is my daughter and this is me This is my family and my summer in Michigan. This post was just a mashup of all the different places we went and my favorite pictures I took throughout the…

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