Messes and Memories


I waited patiently for my cousin to put these pictures up on her blog so that I could put them up. Maddison is honestly one of the most talented people I know. She can seriously do everything. She paints, she photographs, she draws, she is an incredible ballet dancer (though she wont admit it). She has more talent in her pinky finger than I do in my whole body. I am entirely jealous of her. She just recently moved to London. After 18 years of being attached at the hip, we are now across the world from each other. We have done the craziest things you could possibly imagine. Heres her blog again:

To Maddison:
I miss our nights screaming at the top of our lungs to our favorite song at midnight, just driving to no specific destination. Stealing E’s and getting baja blast. I miss living with you and getting pissed at you when the boy I liked told you that you’re pretty. I miss going shopping and spending way too much money together. I miss our failed attempts at starting a band. I miss “Riley and Indie.” I miss when we would dress up in all black and throw on some heels just to go to the grocery store. I miss sneaking out and getting punished for it by being dragged out of bed at 6am to go to Costco. I miss wearing way too much makeup at 13. Do you remember how many random drawings were all over my walls? And banana wars and macho nasho ice cream! I miss the summer in Michigan, you know which one I’m talking about. I miss taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I miss when you spelled your name differently. I miss the San Diego parties we crashed and even the one I was specifically not invited to. Didn’t stop me! We should’ve been dead a long time ago. I don’t know how we survived. We got into cars with random guys we met, we had little house parties with the kids I met on the train when your parents were gone. They ate all of those little oranges! Your mom went and bought more because she thought we ate them all! hahaha! The train was our second home. I miss being the only two girls in Church wearing all black with skulls and chipping nail polish. I miss stealing all the donuts and going back for seconds. I miss being so totally illegal and not stealth while driving in a yellow Lambo with Justin. I miss the condo. Yes, I said it. I miss you Madi and I’m coming to visit you very soon.. I promise.