Home Sweet Auckland

     New Zealand is now my favorite place I’ve ever travelled.
Here is a quick outfit post from when we were in Auckland!
I have so many photos still on my camera that I have to
upload. Can’t wait to show you our adventures! Follow me
on instagram to stay updated! @bethanystruble
Skirt: Vintage
Sandals: Sol Sana
Bag: Vintage Coach

18 comments on “Home Sweet Auckland

  1. You look so cute! These colors are very beautiful <3


  2. The jumper and skirt combo look so nice! Looking forward to seeing more of what you got up to in New Zealand! x


  3. I love the basic outfits like this one! :)

  4. Cute skirt & lovely sweater. I’m thinking of travelling to NZ soon. Would love to see more photos from you!


  5. New Zealand wants you too stay!!! :) You found hidden places in Auckland that even i don’t know exist and i’ve lived here my whole life, Sharing is caring ;)

  6. These photos are so pretty. I love the outfit! Most especially those sandals :)


  7. I love seeing your post on instagram, so many beautiful places at New Zealand! This outfit is so simple and lovely! x

    Sophia // sophiebysophia.blogspot.com

  8. So beautiful ♥

  9. i love the shoes, so beautiful!

  10. I like the fashion clothes

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