Comfy Cozy

sweater: D.Ra       skirt: We Are Handsome
Sitting in my favorite arm chair and enjoying the cold weather.

25 comments on “Comfy Cozy

  1. a alsow ant to sit there now. you look gorgeous <3

  2. Love that sweater! It looks absolutely lovely with the skirt. Your pictures are always so beautiful! :)
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  3. Cute photos, you’re a beautiful mommy! :)

  4. Love these photos so much! You are beautiful <3

    XO J

  5. beautiful photos (:


  6. Love these pics! Lucky that you get cold weather (in Singapore it’s always hot)
    x Mariana |

  7. I love this. The photos really have this comfy & cozy vibe. <3

  8. looks really comfy <3

  9. love that skirt <3
    and yea it’s so cold, its nice to sit in arm chair :3

  10. Loving these pictures! Looks really comfortable :) xx

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