Dressing For The Holidays

  • Dressing For The Holidays

    Dressing For The Holidays

        [su_column size=”3/4″]Keeping things modest for some family parties in a mid-length leather skirt and a sweater. This sweater is the softest thing I own. I’ll admit, I’ve worn it almost every day this week. I think this outfit is perfect for those holiday family parties. Grandma will have nothing to complain about.  …

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  • #EverNaturalEscape


        [su_column size=”3/4″] This is where I go when I want to escape the city and catch some incredible views. There’s something about the mountains that has always brought me peace. Hiking through this beautiful landscape with my pup is my idea of an #EverNaturalEscape. These new waterproof EMU Australia Sandy Bay Hi boots can…

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    [su_column size=”3/4″] Keeping things simple as always. I love a pointed toe for fall. We’re in that strange transitional phase, but these booties are perfect for really anything. For this post, I’ve teamed up with Marc Fisher LTD to bring awareness to their #MAKEYOURMARC program which celebrates women and the amazing work that they do.…

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  • Switching Gears

    Switching Gears

         For those of you who are judging me for wearing open-toed shoes in winter, just shhhhh. :P I never do the dress over pants thing so I thought that a long sweater would be a happy medium. Its finally getting “cold” outside here but now I have to switch gears because I leave…

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  • Thanksgiving Party Outfits

    Thanksgiving Party Outfits

         With “friendsgiving” trending and everyone throwing multiple holiday parties, I figured it would help if I put together a blog post of things to wear to Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, and everything in between. I try to stay comfortable and modest for Thanksgiving to keep Grandma from commenting on cleavage and instead have her comment…

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  • Chill In The Air

    Chill In The Air

         I wasn’t expecting the cold to be so harsh in Michigan.      I had to layer up what sweaters I brought just to stand      outside for a minute. You can see me clutching my coffee      like it’s my lifeline. I’m also in desperate need of another    …

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  • Where the Wind Blows

    Where the Wind Blows

         I’ve had dresses tailored, but nothing made specifically for me      until I created this dress on Piol. It was such a fun process and      super customizable. I went with a simple wrap dress, but there      are tons of patterns and different fabrics. Check out Piol and  …

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  • In The Family

    In The Family

         Meet my sister Hannah. She’s one of my three younger      sisters. Having younger sisters has always been my biggest      source of inspiration to make myself a better role model for      them. They always keep me in check in return. Hannah is a      talented and driven…

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  • Brick and Black

    Brick and Black

         This is pretty much my transitional outfit for Summer to Fall. All black, and a sweater that is purely decorative because its still too hot in LA to put it on. And yes, I’m an outfit repeater and I wear my clothes more than once on my blog.. shame on me? Skirt: Fifteen…

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  • Glass House

    Glass House

         Finishing up the posts from the desert with this one.      Just a simple black lace dress that I can’t get enough of.      Dress: Free People Shoes: (Similar)

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