Corpse Bride- Happy Halloween!

dress: cate’s     scarf:
Peter and I dressed up as the Corpse Bride and Victor. It was actually an extremely last minute costume! My neighbor collects vintage dresses, and she had this beautiful slip dress! She let me borrow it. :)
I put my own white corset and skirt slip underneath. I felt like it was a tasteful kind of sexy look. I made my own flower headband (with my moms fake flowers) and attached a scarf to the back for a veil. My mom let me borrow her old 80’s pumps.. and that was that!
As for the makeup, I used some really white concealer and mixed it with face lotion and put it all over my face, neck, and chest. Then I blended it all with this old Chanel body powder that my mom had. I contoured my collar bone, cheek bones, and jaw line with dark blue eyeshadow and then highlighted with a lighter blue shadow. You can’t tell so much in the pictures, but I looked bruised and boney. :)
For peter I used the same concealer and I just put brown eyeshadow around his eyes and blended it in. Doesn’t he look so much like Victor?? Crazy. He just wore all of his own clothing.
We took Kylie trick or treating and got a ton of candy for her haha Kylie was so sweet.. she said thank you after every single person put a piece of candy in her bag.
DIY flower headband
all you need is:
1. wire + wire cutters
2. fake flowers
3. hot glue
I cut the flowers from the stems. Then I measured the wire around my head and cut it so it wrapped twice around my head. I took the loose ends of the wire which were both in the back and secured them by wrapping them around a couple times. I bent one of the wires up so that I could make a crown that is thicker in the front. I started glueing the flowers to the wire by putting the glue right at the little nub behind the flower and sticking it on the wire. Then, to seal the flowers on there, I went over the backs of the flowers again with the hot glue. Hurray! Thats it. It only took me about 15 minutes. :) Sorry if I’m horrible at giving directions.
and finally, some photos from the night.
candy in her cheek
photos by me and Peter A.
love you all.

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