walking to the beach
huckleberry picking
my sisters running through a wheat field
this is my sister
this is my daughter
and this is me

This is my family and my summer in Michigan. This post was just a mashup of all the different places we went and my favorite pictures I took throughout the month of July.

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  • Addicted to Design

    Beautiful pictures!!

  • Jess

    your pictures are very gorgeous– you have a great eye for things! talent!

    if you could check mine out too, it would be much appreciated :)

  • Giuls

    your daughter is really really lovely!
    love this blog!

  • kaumu

    I love your pictures!
    They always seem to have a story behind :)
    Loves xx

  • Anna C

    Hi there!
    I´m writing this in your first post with a reason.
    I´ve spend more than 2 hours reading and seeing every post of your because I loved your site from the first moment I saw it today. I must tell you that I love your style , your photographs and your daughter(She´s sooo cutE).
    I will definitely folow you from now on.

    p.s. : these may have sound a little bit cheesy but I couldn´t help myself.


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