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Thats What You Want

jacket: viparo       scarf:        jeans: Levi’s curve ID (courtesy of levis x        shoes: forever 21
Got away from work long enough to take some photos in the back alley! I’ve been mixing and matching my clothes here because I only brought a limited amount. haha I’ve gotten pretty creative with making my outfits look different with only a few options of clothing. But I haven’t been as creative with my hair. I just throw it up in a bun every day to keep it out of the way while working. I guess it works! I went to salvation army today and bought a couple more sweaters because the weather here is supposed to get EXTREMELY cold again. Its been beautiful lately. Highs of 70 degrees :) I wear these jeans all the time here in Michigan. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable. Take the quiz to find your perfect fit HERE. :)
As always, I gotta get to work! I’ll be back to posting regularly once I’m back home.
Love you all.

Every Word You Said

Shoes: Courtesy of Nine West X       dress:       jacket: LAmade       socks:  (find here)      scarf:
My family is coming to Michigan tomorrow! I miss my daughter so much. I’m so excited to see her! Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day at work though! The movie is really looking amazing, but we have like 20 people to dress tomorrow. Its going to be an insane rush. Wish me and Lauren luck! Were going to need it. haha
So these boots were sent to me for a collaboration with Nine West and! They’re the perfect boots for fall. I always love heeled boots! I scrunched some socks in them to stay a little warmer in my little black dress.
The jacket is from LAmade and it is the best thing ever! Its perfect for layering under other jackets or just wearing it by itself…it sort of adds another texture. I just love it!
and the scarf was sent to me by I wish I brought it to Michigan with me because I would be wearing it every day here!
Stay warm. Love you all.

Like I’m The Only One

 shirt: H&M      blazer: Chicwish      shorts: vintage       shoes: Romwe     sunglasses: 80’s purple
I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very often! I’m still in Michigan, and I’ve been working like crazy! This was taken a bit before I left California!
The weather here in Michigan was amazingly good! I got to wear some tights and a dress today! woohoo! No more snow clothes haha
I’ve been wearing like 4 layers every day!
Everything is going well, and I’m about to post the first blog post on the Mickey Matson blog tomorrow hopefully! I’ve been filming behind the scenes and taking so many pictures its actually filled up my whole computer! I had to order an external hard-drive haha
I hope you all are staying warm. I miss posting often :( Don’t give up on me! haha I’ll be posting regularly as soon as I can find the time!
love you all.

Keep Me Warm

top: vintage     bag: kenneth cole vintage      skirt: forever 21        shoes: forever 21
Okay, well this obviously isn’t Michigan. This was taken a couple weeks ago in Long Beach. Good thing I have some fillers, because I haven’t had a single second for myself. This is cutting into my 5 hours of sleep at night. So I’m gunna go now!
I promise I’ll update you all soon!
love you all.

I’ll Swim Across Lake Michigan

sweater: forever 21 (similar style)      denim jacket: vintage levis        jeans: Levis curve ID (compliments of levis and      shoes: laurens closet       sunglasses: vintage
Photos of me by Lauren. All rest by me.
Heres a video for you all to enjoy! Lauren shot all the video of me and I did all the rest. and those feet are Laurens. She has cute little baby feet. I decided not to show mine too closely haha
This is the backyard of the house that I’m staying at in Michigan. The sunsets are gorgeous at night.
Updates: I’ve been starting my day at 530am every morning and going home from work around 730pm. My family is coming to visit on the 6th and Peters coming along!! I’m so excited. I miss my daughter so much. Work is good and the movie is really looking great!! I can’t wait to show you guys photos!!
love you all.

Who Needs Em

shirt from
My sister is a pretty good photographer! haha we did a little mini photoshoot with the old truck. Were selling that thing so I had to get some pictures before its gone! :( that ford in the last picture isn’t the same truck though haha tricked you! Anwaysssssss. I thought that going barefoot was acceptable for the shoot. Hope you guys like the pictures :)
Tomorrow I’m going to post all the photos from the movie trailer I was in! And a link to the behind the scenes video! So be sure to check in tomorrow!! I’m so excited to show you guys. Sorry to keep you all waiting haha I just had to get the O.K. from the director :)

DIY Tacks

Alright, a lot of people on lookbook asked me how I made my shoes. I just bought some thumb tacks ($3 a pack) and hammered them in. The end. Haha
Okay, this is a bit more hard to explain.. I made a line of tacks down the back of the shoe so that I could start each side from the same point.. so everything would line up. Make sense?
I made sure they were overlapping just slightly. Put them the same distance apart. I started from the back and worked my way to the front on each side. Then I did the next row the same. haha ugh I’m bad at this. Hopefully thats a good enough explanation.

Dirty Chai

most amazing fur vest
oh hey

Okay. This is kind of a random post! But I’ll explain :)
Tom emailed me and asked me to be in one of his shoots! He’s an extremely talented photography student at Art Center College of Design. (I wish I could go to school there!)
It was a lot of fun! It was really my first time doing anything like this! I’ve done print ads and stuff, but nothing in a studio where I actually had to “model” haha. I brought my sister along with me to help document the night. She did a good job with the pictures!
The whole night was a lot of fun. The pictures were taken with B&W film so once they are developed I’ll be sure to show you them!

Toms Website:

Just a little adventure

ventura festival
getting our tea leaves read
you may recognize this photo from maddisons lookbook :)
First off, photocredit goes to Maddison for the pictures that I am in.
This day was wonderful. We stopped on our way to Ventura at a little fruit stand. It was a perfect day and we bought ourselves some beautiful little apples and our beloved peach rings. When we got to Ventura we found out that there was some sort of a festival going on. There was a lady with a sign that said “tea leaf readings”. We decided to give it a try since it was only $5. I was told that I will have a house with a circle window and that my true love is “riding on a horse” as fast as he can to come find me. The lady also told me she saw a cheeseburger with wings in my cup and that she had no idea what the heck that meant. I really don’t know what to think of the whole thing. Even if it was just a load of bull, it was entertaining and definitely worth $5.