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This is where I go when I want to escape the city and catch some incredible views. There’s something about the mountains that has always brought me peace. Hiking through this beautiful landscape with my pup is my idea of an #EverNaturalEscape. These new waterproof EMU Australia Sandy Bay Hi boots can tough out rain, snow, and of course dirt and are perfect for such an occasion.

I’m partnering with EMU Australia to bring awareness to their #EverNaturalEscape competition where you could win a trip for two to Australia! In order to enter, you have to upload an original image of your favorite outdoor getaway to instagram or twitter with the hashtag #EverNaturalEscape and follow/tag @EMUAustralia in your caption! The contest is open through November 15th. You can visit www.emuaustralia.com/evernaturalescape for more details.


Boots: EMU Australia