MellyLee-BethanyStruble-178 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-180 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-189 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-193 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-197 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-202MellyLee-BethanyStruble-207 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-209 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-220 MellyLee-BethanyStruble-229MellyLee-BethanyStruble-241

Yet another shoot from the poppy fields. Hope you’re not getting bored!

This was one of my favorites from the day. I never wear color, but I love

the lilac and orange together. Shop the look on Missguided!

Love you all.

Photos by: Melly Lee