Pressed Juicery Cleanse

If you follow my instagram, you would know I did the Pressed Juicery 5 day cleanse around Christmas time! I’m finally getting around to sharing my experience.
Day one was the hardest. I was hungry but it was more like I just wanted to chew on something.
My favorite juices are featured in the close up images I posted on my instagram! The cucumber pineapple one is super refreshing and the vanilla almond one was the best at the end of the day. Super filling and creamy.
Days 3, 4, and 5 were the easiest days for me because I was used to the routine and my body had adjusted to the liquid diet. I also noticed my tummy was flatter on day 3 because of the water weight I dropped from not having my usual dose of sodium. So that was an added plus!
I would definitely do the cleanse again. My experience was great and I felt really good and clean afterwards.
It forced me to have healthy habits after as well. You can’t shock your body by eating a steak right after so I had vegetable soups and lots of salads for the following week. If I wasn’t addicted to ramen, I would’ve been sodium free for the following weeks as well!
I took it easy when I was cleansing. I went on a couple walks and did some stretching in the mornings but I tried to conserve my energy as much as possible. And I took a ton of baths. I had an excuse to!
If you’re planning on doing the cleanse, prep your body for it by eating lots of veggies and cutting back on meat and dairy. I have a feeling the first couple days were hard for me because I didn’t really prepare for it! So thats my advice and my experience! Leave your questions in the comments below and I’d be happy to answer any you have!
Love you all.


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