sweater: Wallis       dress: H&M       shoes: vintage       above the knuckle ring: Shop Jeen
photocredit: Peter A
These were taken in Michigan at the house I stayed at for the week. I could’ve stayed a couple months.

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  1. wonderful photos! the landscape is amazing and you’re so beautiful!

  2. Soooo beautiful!
    Love the post!! :)

  3. i really like this outfit, it’s so chic but really relaxed. really like it

    Mel x

  4. I love this so much! Simple and chic. ^__^ Very pretty.


  5. you look beautiful as always ! :)

  6. I love this! you look gorgeous as always!

  7. very gently, and by that I really like ;-)

  8. flawless! such a beautiful combination! i hope you dont mind, but i did a post-inspiration about you and you blog, check out here:

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG, you are my favourite blogger. i’d be so fuckin happy if you comment my blog, i mean, really! i reaaly love your job. you and your daughter are super duper pretty and you are my inspiration, for real.

    probable this is one more comment that you will read – or not – and smile to you. and if you want to make me smile, PLEASE, COMMENT ME, ANSWER ME. i really like your blog and i’d be super happy if you comment mine and tell me what you thing about my job.

    francisca xx

  9. So pretty. Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air. :)
    xo, Tori

  10. simply beautiful

  11. so so amazing! love this :)


  12. Love love love this outfit, so simple and elegant!

  13. beautiful! so simple! love the colors!

  14. Love so much your sweat ! I love your blog sweetie, it will be a pleasure if you follow me back !

  15. Very nice sweater and sandals! You’re looking great!

  16. wonderful photos,you always look amazig!!


  17. Your hair looks beautiful. Love the white and mint together <3

    XO J

  18. You’re so beautiful…

  19. wow! beautiful photos I must say!

    paint it stripes

    New Outfit Post is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  20. Amazing outfit! Love the sweater =) X

  21. looks like out of a dream ♥

  22. Denisa:)

    you are a pure beauty! :) so gorgeous <3

  23. You look so girly, natural and stylish! I love it so much. Your bracelets are beautiful!

  24. Great blog and pics:)
    Kisses from New York!

  25. You’re so pretty!! Love your style, and you look so sweet in that outfit. I wish I lived in the U.S. now…

  26. Beautiful shots. Don’t blame you, with a location like that I don’t think I’d ever leave!

  27. OMG these pictures are stunning! You are gorgeous girl! Love the delicacy of this outfit! You make me want to grow my hair out long again!


  28. I really love your blog, its gorgeous.

  29. Absolutely gorgeous! ♥

  30. i am always amazed when people can find good vintage footwear.

  31. so cute and gorgeous outfit*

  32. I love you Style , and you look very lovley in this post <3

  33. You are absolutely gorgeous there, almost dreamy. The pale coloured sweater pairs perfectly with the lightness of the blouse. Fantastic <3

  34. Such a gorgeous look! The white and blue/silver go so well together. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    xo Leonie

    Tailored To Fit

  35. You look great!
    Gorgeous sweater and sandals! <3


  36. Very classy outfit,
    looks great on you!
    And I looooove your hair!!
    x Roos

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    looks excellent on you!


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