Fall Days

I always take picture of her in this sweater haha. Shes just so freakin cute I cant stand it. We had fun playing in the leaves. Both of our noses turned red so we went back inside and she helped me make hot coco. Then we watched the Little Mermaid together and when she fell asleep for her nap, I did my homework. Haha I love Christmas time! I have a whole wishlist for Kylie on myregistry.com! Just search my name “Bethany Struble” and the wishlist will show up! Just email me for my shipping address at bethanystruble@yahoo.com! (im not handing out my home address so you stalkers dont get too excited) hahaha you might not even need to email me, i have the address set as private on the wishlist, but I dont really know how that works. but I know some of you wanted to get a gift for Kylie this Christmas and we really appreciate it. Love you all!

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