Another post of my daughter. I haven’t done much this past week and I had nothing to take pictures of. I swear I’ll have some different photos very soon. Anyway, I woke up and Kylie was just sitting on my lap waiting for me to wake up. I didn’t even notice she was tapping on my stomach to wake me. Exhaustion isn’t even the word that describes how tired I am. The last picture was an attempt to get a picture of her with a purple bow in her hair. She decided she didn’t want it there. And please notice the size of her ears. I have to admit she got them from me.That was my morning.

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  • Jay

    Shes adorable :)

  • Stephanie Van Laere

    She has these beautiful giant eyes. She looks adorable!

  • Maddison Rothery

    the cutest.

  • NMalsbury

    the most beautiful baby from a beautiful girl (woman)

  • Serena P.

    I m in love with your baby! So sweety and fantastic eyes!

  • yoodly

    size of ears? let’s look at her wonderfull, amazing big eyes!
    If you realy want to know, how to make my puncakes – I edited post. I put there the recipe. Puncakes not only look tasty, but they are tasty : >

  • Theresa

    She is darling! She has the most gorgeous big eyes! <3

  • Bethany Struble

    Thank you everyone <3 love you all

  • yifie daffodils

    she is utterly adorable

  • anabel

    your comment about her ears is the best, they are big and very cute (as is she, well, very cute, not big), and it really made me smile the way you said it :)


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