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Stepping Stone

all photos from designsponge.com
I’m moving into a 3 bedroom house that will double as a recording studio for my dad. Its definitely a stepping stone for me. I’ve lived with my parents until now (I’m not ashamed). Having a child so young has had its hardships, but I’m ready now to live on my own with my daughter. Having this blog has really molded my career and I wanted to thank you all for reading and supporting me through everything! You’ll be seeing plenty of interior design inspiration until move in day (August 15th), and then you’ll see the transformation of my place! (believe me, it needs a little TLC) I’m so excited to share my new adventures with you. Thanks for everything!
Love you all.

The Blogger’s Daughter

My daughter, Kylie Marie, has her own blog now!!
Of course for now its run by me, but when she’s old enough, I’d love to hand it over to her!
Its going to be filled with my adventures with Kylie and her own personal style posts. ;)
Its going all about how she’s learned to be a little fashion blogger herself by watching me do my own!
Also, this is the place where I’ll open up a bit more about how I’ve handled being a teen mom and hopefully it will be a place where girls everywhere in similar situations can find hope and peace of mind.
So head over to The Blogger’s Daughter and check out the intro post!

Vegas Heat

 jumper: Lush        Firebird necklace: c/o Lulus.com       boots: vintage
This weekend I was in Vegas! Peter was working for EDC and I tagged along and helped out as a PA.
Being a part of the EDC crew is always so fun. Everyone is some sort of circus freak.. and its awesome! Remember last year when Bobby came with me?
Vegas is way too hot. One layer of clothing is about all I could do. Although, when I went into EDC, I felt really out of place because I was wearing more clothes than everyone else! haha but you’ll never ever catch me walking around in a rhinestone studded bra and tutu.