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     Being in Joshua Tree and disconnecting for a while
is always a refresher. I try to make it out there once
a year at least and its usually with Olivia. haha
We seem to always find ourselves lost on a crazy trail or
off-roading in a sedan but its the perfect getaway
from everything and I enjoy every minute when I’m there.
I joke that this is where I would go if there was a zombie
apocalypse because of how little the population is. The
zombies would never get to you! Though I’m not sure
what I would do about water. :P
Love you all.
Top: Forever 21 (Similar)
Shorts: Joes Jeans
Boots: Vintage (Similar)

Cactus Mart

I really wanted to share this little treasure
in the desert with you all! If you ever go
to Joshua Tree or drive through to Palm
Springs, I definitely recommend stopping
by the Cactus Mart… well.. only if you love
succulents as much as me. I bought 6 little
cacti and one flowering big one. Can’t wait
to pot them and put them randomly around
my house. Well, thats all! I just wanted to
support this little shop!
Love you all.

Joshua Tree

     If you follow my instagram, you would know that
     Peter, Olivia, Michael and I escaped to Joshua Tree
     for the weekend. We stayed in a little cabin in the
     middle of the desert. It was so good to get away for
     a while and clear our heads. Olivia mentioned that
     there were no advertisements driving our thoughts
     out there and she was right. There were no billboards
     or big ads on buildings. There were just mountains
     and Joshua Trees. You look out and you can just
     have a clear mind. I definitely needed a trip like that
     to regenerate and refresh. So many pictures coming.
     Love you all!
shorts: vintage Levis