A While Ago

  • A While Ago

    A While Ago

    My friends and I went to Diddy Riese (an amazing ice cream cookie place) in LA. It was fantastic. Haha. Then we got some water from Starbucks and sat down and chatted for a while. It was just a nice night. My friends need to get used to me taking pictures of them all the…

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  • Image Icon

    I Had To

    Eleven Paris Spring/Summer 11 from eleven paris on Vimeo. My blog is really random. But thats okay right?

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  • Not a Drop of Latin in my Blood

    Not a Drop of Latin in my Blood

    My best friend and I went tango dancing a couple nights ago! It was SO FUN but so hard.. We took a lesson first, and then everyone came to dance! It was just in the middle of this little cuban restaurant in Hollywood haha. Sam and I looked pretty dumb amongst the professional dancers that…

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  • Hawaii Part 2

    Hawaii Part 2

    My sleeping baby The Polynesian Cultural Center. It started pouring on us! Kylie was a bit upset. The family. Pearl Harbor. View from the volcano we hiked up The aquarium with Kylie Beach Day Street dancers There are so many pictures. It was hard to decide which ones to put up. You can see more…

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  • Hawaii part 1

    Hawaii part 1

    Surprise! I’ve been in Hawaii since Christmas day! Thats why I haven’t posted anything in so long. There are many more pictures to come! I finally found time to put all these up. This has been an amazing trip so far! Hawaii is so beautiful. I don’t want to go back to the cold! Well,…

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  • Replay.Replay.Replay.Replay.Replay


    I really don’t like bowling. But its fun with friends. Haha. We all went bowling for Heather’s birthday. The boys decided it would be fun to dress ridiculously with bow ties and suspenders. They just looked.. well, ridiculous. Haha. The lady at the bowling alley hated us. She was SO MEAN. God bless her. Anyway,…

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  • The Rescue

    The Rescue

    Kylie locked herself in my parents room while they were out. It only took her one minute to accomplish that. Its amazing what children can do when you turn your back. She was so scared in there alone, so I ran to the back and tried to find an open window. Thank goodness one of…

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  • Energy That I Don’t Have

    Energy That I Don’t Have

    When my friend Colin is around, I barely have to do anything. He wont let me hold Kylie when he has her. Haha Its nice to have a friend with so much energy..I definitely don’t have enough. He was climbing into the tubes with Kylie and going down the slide. They had a lot of…

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