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Flower Chain

top: Insidein       shorts: vintage       shoes: vintage       bracelet and necklace: c/o BCBGeneration       bag: Aldo       headband: DIY
I collected so many wrist bands during Coachella! I’m only wearing four of my own bracelets haha
And for those of you who asked how I made my headband, I took a broken necklace chain and I hot glued fake flowers onto the chain. Super simple. Hot glue does wonders. I like how it doesn’t go all the way around and the chain just blends in with my hair!
These were taken at the Planet Blue X Foam Mag party. I couldn’t resist the perfectly shaded area and vine covered walls. I’m pretty sure it was just the walkway to the hotel rooms. Gorgeous either way.
Love you all.

Neon Carnival at Coachella

At The Armani Exchange + Tmobile NEON CARNIVAL
bag: gifted from Coach       dress: vintage calvin klein       shoes: vintage
Heres the rest of my outfit post from yesterday! As you can see I made a quick change before heading out to the Neon Carnival with Peter, Kelsi, and Cuit! Threw on my lavender madewell jeans and a white shirt with my Billabong fringy sweater and borrowed Kelsi’s amazing floral headband.
Peter played every single carnival game and won a stuffed animal every time. Kylie was overjoyed when we brought her back 3 huge new toys. We also went on the ferris wheel that ended up terrifying all of us. Who new they were so scary!?
Met up with Olivia and Raych and danced right next to Alexander Wang who was accompanied by some model friends Hanne Gaby Odiele and Kasia Struss. Also spotted: Paris Hilton falling over, Camilla Belle looking stunning, and Usher just looking cool. Such an exciting night! I couldn’t believe it was all real! So sad the weekend is over! Are any of you going weekend two?

Happy Easter

dress: Olive Clothing       sweater: Forever 21       shoes: Alley Cat Trade (HERE)      bag: Vintage       bracelets: H&M and BCBGeneration
Sorry for my puffy cheeks. I just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled! The swelling went down a bit so I decided to suck it up and do an outfit post. I feel like such a late bloomer. Apparently spring break is the time to get your wisdom teeth out.. my sister and like three of her friends (all 16 and under) got theirs pulled this spring break.. Everyone I know has no sympathy for me because they got theirs out years ago..or.. if you’re Peter Adrian.. never grew any and came out of the womb with a picture perfect smile. Ahh well. The pain and suffering will be over soon. Oh and happy Easter! God bless!

Metallic Details

Jeans: Jbrand c/o (Live on Sunset)     shoes: vintage       blouse: vintage       bag: romwe       bracelets: H&M and vintage

I wonder if my neighbors know I pose in front of their house. Anyways, I’m in love with these Jbrand jeans! They look more yellow in this photo, but they’re actually a light salmon color. An easy outfit for a spring day.

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Just a little adventure

ventura festival
getting our tea leaves read
you may recognize this photo from maddisons lookbook :)
First off, photocredit goes to Maddison for the pictures that I am in.
This day was wonderful. We stopped on our way to Ventura at a little fruit stand. It was a perfect day and we bought ourselves some beautiful little apples and our beloved peach rings. When we got to Ventura we found out that there was some sort of a festival going on. There was a lady with a sign that said “tea leaf readings”. We decided to give it a try since it was only $5. I was told that I will have a house with a circle window and that my true love is “riding on a horse” as fast as he can to come find me. The lady also told me she saw a cheeseburger with wings in my cup and that she had no idea what the heck that meant. I really don’t know what to think of the whole thing. Even if it was just a load of bull, it was entertaining and definitely worth $5.