Category: Spring

Coachella 2014 Day 1

      Coachella is always an adventure. This year I finally got to experience
the festival and I’m hooked.
Here’s my day one outfit.
Changed my shoes before going into the festival of course.
You don’t want to wear any sort of heel. As a festival newbie,
I think I had beginners luck. I saw every single artist I wanted
to see and it all seemed to work out perfectly. Other than
the sand storm that covered everyone in a layer of dust, everything
was beautiful.
photos by Kelli Goss

Spring Clean

      Don’t ask me why I look so angry, I have no idea.
This is my RBF as Jenny would call it.  Look that up
if you don’t know what it means.
Anyway, I’ve been making some life changes recently.
Some big, some small. Reassessing my life and the people
in it. Doing some spring cleaning I guess in many ways.
Holding on to the things that are worth it, and throwing out the
rest. Not going to waste my efforts on things that I’m not
passionate about. And you’ll be seeing a huge change this
coming week that I’m so excited about. Just follow my instagram
for updates!
Love you all.
Top: PacSun
Jeans: Current Elliott
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Necklace: Misa Jewelry

Under the Apple Trees

Here’s another post from Michigan in September. On the days
that we weren’t filming Mickey Matson and the Pirates Code,
we all went exploring around the outskirts of town. We found
this apple orchard that wasn’t owned by anyone by the looks of it.
Piles of rotting apples were under the trees turning back into dirt,
deer tracks were everywhere, and it smelled like musky cider if you
can imagine what that smells like. It was an amazing place and we
made an AMAZING apple cobbler that night.
photos by Peter Adrian


     My neighbor always brings me flowers to my door.
He’s the sweetest old man who walks around barefoot
and loves his garden more than anything. He has the most
beautiful camellias that he brings over to me at least once
a week. I’m holding one he gave me a couple minutes
before I shot this look. I hate to get all sappy but I try to
appreciate these little blessings in life. Because what is
life without these moments?


     My obsession with shirt dresses continues. This dress
     from Gap is a summer favorite. I love how relaxed
     this outfit feels. Bring on the beach days and warm
     summer nights. Make sure to check out my look on
     Gap’s “” page! 
shirt dress: c/o Gap