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Holiday Party

     Holiday parties are always difficult to dress for. At least
for me they are. I tend to either over dress or under dress.
I think this outfit is a happy medium. It has just the right
amount of embellishment paired with some boots and my
favorite moto jacket. Also, I cut my hair again! This time
a little shorter. I think I like it.
Love you all!
Boots: vintage (similar)
photos by Casey

Thanksgiving Party Outfits

     With “friendsgiving” trending and everyone throwing
multiple holiday parties, I figured it would help if I put
together a blog post of things to wear to Friendsgiving,
Thanksgiving, and everything in between.
I try to stay comfortable and modest for Thanksgiving
to keep Grandma from commenting on cleavage and
instead have her comment on how much of a “young
lady” you are. But maybe your grandparents are not as
vocal as mine..  Still, don’t wear your dress too tight
because you’ll regret not wearing a loose top after that
third helping of pie.
Look 1:
Beaded top: Joie and here
Pants: AG jeans
Fringe Bag: Malibucali
Boots: Shoemint
Look 2: 
Dress: Similar
Boots: OTBT
Look 3:


Chill In The Air

     I wasn’t expecting the cold to be so harsh in Michigan.
     I had to layer up what sweaters I brought just to stand
     outside for a minute. You can see me clutching my coffee
     like it’s my lifeline. I’m also in desperate need of another
     haircut. My hair grows way too fast to keep it shoulder
     length. Anyway, hope you like the photos. Michigan is
     one of my happy places and I never spend too much of
     my time blogging when I’m there. It’s sort of my place to
     disconnect and enjoy the nature that I don’t get to see
     in Los Angeles.
     Love you all.
     photos by Peter Adrian

Where the Wind Blows

     I’ve had dresses tailored, but nothing made specifically for me
     until I created this dress on Piol. It was such a fun process and
     super customizable. I went with a simple wrap dress, but there
     are tons of patterns and different fabrics. Check out Piol and
     have a go at designing your own dress, starting with a color
     palate that perfectly matches your eyes, skin, and hair color.
     Love you all!


In The Family

     Meet my sister Hannah. She’s one of my three younger
     sisters. Having younger sisters has always been my biggest
     source of inspiration to make myself a better role model for
     them. They always keep me in check in return. Hannah is a
     talented and driven girl and I’m always inspired by her resilience
     and spirit. She was actually one of my first photographers when
     Snakes Nest first started. Hannah has always been there for me
     and for that, I’m so thankful.
     I’m excited to share that Calypso St. Barth is having a Friends
     and Family discount going on now. Use the code FRIENDS14
     for a 25% discount. Disclaimer: Not valid on fur, special orders, 
     lighting, furniture, art, mirrors, final sale merchandise or 
     previous purchases.No price adjustments. Not applicable 
     towards the purchase of gift cards. Cannot be combined with 
     other offers, promotions or gift cards. Not redeemable for cash 
     or credit.
     Love you all!


     Being in Joshua Tree and disconnecting for a while
is always a refresher. I try to make it out there once
a year at least and its usually with Olivia. haha
We seem to always find ourselves lost on a crazy trail or
off-roading in a sedan but its the perfect getaway
from everything and I enjoy every minute when I’m there.
I joke that this is where I would go if there was a zombie
apocalypse because of how little the population is. The
zombies would never get to you! Though I’m not sure
what I would do about water. :P
Love you all.
Top: Forever 21 (Similar)
Shorts: Joes Jeans
Boots: Vintage (Similar)