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      I used to spend every summer in Michigan when
I was younger. My sisters and I would walk to the
beach every day and spend the nights laying outside
and listening to the crickets. These were taken when
I left fashion week early to go to the shores of
Lake Michigan.
That was in September. I can’t believe its been that
long. Its almost summer again. Michigan is one of
those places that is dear to my heart and I always feel
at home when I go back. A road trip may have to be in the
near future.
Overalls: Free People (borrowed from Casey)
Shoes: Vintage


     My neighbor always brings me flowers to my door.
He’s the sweetest old man who walks around barefoot
and loves his garden more than anything. He has the most
beautiful camellias that he brings over to me at least once
a week. I’m holding one he gave me a couple minutes
before I shot this look. I hate to get all sappy but I try to
appreciate these little blessings in life. Because what is
life without these moments?

Getting Fit With Old Navy

      I’m sure a lot of you have “get fit” in your new year’s
resolutions. I have it on there. I definitely love to get out
and go on a run.. sometimes. It does help when you look
cute. I really love all the cuts and colors of the Old Navy
fitness wear. When I found these running pants, I was
surprised because usually inexpensive workout wear is
too lightweight and sometimes see-through. Aaaand thats
the last thing you want. But these are awesome. Inexpensive
but durable. Definitely worth it!
Bottoms: Old Navy
Shoes: Reebok

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Morning Routine

I think its important to have a positive, early start to the day.
I take a few moments for myself and my skin, write in my journal,
drink lots of tea and spend time with my daughter and the new pup.
Clearasil asked me how I win the day, and this is exactly how, by
taking time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things.
Right now, Clearasil is offering a free rebate on their products I
tried out. I loved the smell of the Clearasil Daily Clear products
and the clean feeling of my skin after using!
Check out the rebate here
photos by Maddison Rothery
This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own

We Need A Little Christmas

This is the first year in my house that I got to decorate for
Christmas and I was so excited! I made Kylie an advent
calendar and put the tree up even before Thanksgiving.
I went with a silver white and gold theme this year. Most
of our ornaments on the tree were hand painted or completely
home-made. I think its better that way. Then theres always
memories on the tree. Kylie and I want to make at least one
new ornament every year from now on. Soon it will be filled
like the one at my parents house almost falling over with the
weight of 20 years of ornaments on it.
I also hand painted my own wrapping paper with little sayings.
Personal touches always make gifts more special. How have you
decorated for Christmas? Any special traditions? Hope you enjoyed
the peek into my home!

Marble Case

     Here’s a peek at my side table and my new phone case I designed
     on caseable! I’m obsessed with anything marble so I just uploaded
     an image of white marble and put it on a case in the “design your own”
     feature at caseable. I designed another one that I’ll show you guys soon!
     case c/o caseable


The Dreslyn Part 1

     I’m so excited to finally share the images that go along
with the video Easton and I shot for The Dreslyn! It was
such a fun time being able to shoot with my daughter,
Kylie. Its been a while since she was on my blog! I’ll be
posting more pictures of her on her blog.
Well, I hope you like them! This is the first of many looks
that we did, so stay tuned for more from The Dreslyn shoot!
Blouse: Equipment