Closet Update With Lowes

  • Closet Update With Lowes

    Closet Update With Lowes

    As you guys know from my instagram and snapchat, I got a closet makeover last October with the help of Lowes! I wanted closet doors, but I didn’t want the generic sliding mirror doors. I took the mirrored doors off and left my closet open for a while, but to me it looked too cluttered…

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  • Valentines Day Italian Sodas

    Valentines Day Italian Sodas

         Happy (almost) Valentines Day! I made these italian sodas for      Peter and Kylie last year and it was so fun. It’s so simple      and yummy and perfect for Valentines Day.      All you need are:      -Glasses (mine are vintage, but these are beautiful too)    …

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  • Kylie’s Room Reveal with Laurel and Wolf

    Kylie’s Room Reveal with Laurel and Wolf

         I’m so excited to share Kylie’s room makeover! Do you remember when I asked for you all to vote on which room design you liked best? Well, this is the winner! We got to work with the designer to make sure the final design plan was perfect for Kylie. Laurel and Wolf makes…

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    Kylie’s Bedroom Makeover by Laurel and Wolf

    (note: this last design is different than the one in the poll, but this is the final look that the designer chose)      I’m teaming up with Laurel and Wolf to give my daughter      a brand new bedroom! Laurel and Wolf is a site that makes      it so easy to get interior…

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  • What Makes A Home

    What Makes A Home

         My personal photography of things that make my home      feel like home. Fresh cut flowers and strawberry and banana      crepes.  

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  • Kitchen Inspiration

    Kitchen Inspiration

    So, I’m trying to keep my inspo posts as realistic as possible now! My kitchen is already all white, but the counters are a weird green laminate.. That needs to go..  I really love butcher block counters with industrial metal pendant lamps. What do you think? Love you all.

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  • Interior Details

    Interior Details

    images from Vogue Living, Design Sponge, French By Design, and Tumblr Looking for all sorts of knick knacks and flea markets and thrift stores! Its the details that make the design. I’m really into dead things and pretty french things.. opposites attract?

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  • Bedroom Inspo

    Bedroom Inspo

    and for Kylie: all photos: I finally got to take a look at the house I’m moving into on the 15th! The exterior is pretty run down..the lawn is patchy, theres a wire fence that is bent of shape all around the front part of the house, the paint is all peeling and discolored,…

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  • Stepping Stone

    Stepping Stone

    all photos from I’M MOVING OUT! I’m moving into a 3 bedroom house that will double as a recording studio for my dad. Its definitely a stepping stone for me. I’ve lived with my parents until now (I’m not ashamed). Having a child so young has had its hardships, but I’m ready now to…

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  • Pics of My Humble Abode

    Pics of My Humble Abode

    crammed corner. featured: blue and purple mary jane wedges (top right) find them at Fox House tea pot as a jewelry rack, travels savings box, and a signed bottle of BCBG perfume This is my room! Well, before I tore it up while packing for New York! Hope its everything you expected it to be…

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