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Vera Wang Embrace

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I’ve partnered with Vera Wang Fragrances to bring you this video about embracing the little things. Reading a book, swinging on swings, and taking a walk every once in a while are things that my daughter Kylie taught me to embrace and love. It’s our special time together. This fragrance by Vera Wang is soft and floral with marigold and gardenia. Personally, gardenia always reminds me of summer as a kid. My mom had them planted in our garden. I hope this video inspires you to embrace the little things and cherish loved ones. Thank you to Vera Wang Fragrances.

The Chop

If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I
chopped all of my hair off recently.
This was a huge deal for me because I’ve had long hair
literally since I was 12. Never got it professionally cut. Ever.
And I know thats kind of a bad thing to admit. I’ve gotten trims
from friends every once in a while, but I’ve never gotten a “cut”.
I can’t tell you how good it feels! I’ve been wanting to do this
for years and I finally got the courage to do it. Hair is a strange
thing. I felt like I wouldn’t feel like myself if I cut it, but its the
opposite. I feel like a new me. I feel more put together.
I donated 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love. Won’t be growing
it back for a very long time I think.
How do you guys like my new hair?
Love you all.

Morning Routine

I think its important to have a positive, early start to the day.
I take a few moments for myself and my skin, write in my journal,
drink lots of tea and spend time with my daughter and the new pup.
Clearasil asked me how I win the day, and this is exactly how, by
taking time to enjoy and appreciate the simple things.
Right now, Clearasil is offering a free rebate on their products I
tried out. I loved the smell of the Clearasil Daily Clear products
and the clean feeling of my skin after using!
Check out the rebate here
photos by Maddison Rothery
This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own

Color Elixir

     I’ve teamed up with Refinery 29 and Maybelline to show you
     the new Color Elixir lip gloss. I chose the Fuchsia Flourish
     because it’s something different and surprisingly wearable.
     I paired it with a brown eyeliner and just a little highlighter
     on my lids for a simple makeup look..just my usual makeup
     routine with a little pop of pink. The Color Elixirs are really
     saturated so I only had to use one coat on my lips. Check out
     how others are wearing it by searching #mylipmagic on
     photos by Peter Adrian
Signature Scarlet
Fuchsia Flourish
Raspberry Rhapsody
Jeans: Hudson
sponsored post

Vera Wang Pink Princess

     Vera Wang has a new fragrance coming to Kohls for
     back-to-school. Its sweet like the original Princess perfume,
     but just a little more youthful.
     I’m a big fan of the original Vera Wang Princess perfume,
     and this one is just as good! Sweet, but not too sweet.
     You can stop by Kohls and pick up your notebooks and
     pencils and a new scent for the new school year!
     Love you all.


Golden Hour

    After following her work for nearly a year, I finally
got to shoot with the talented Zanita Morgan.
I feel like its a right of passage for a blogger. haha
I went up to the Style Stalker and Supermuse office
and got to pick from a whole rack of amazing
clothes and got my hair and makeup done by
the beautiful Sina Velke. I chose to pair a little
black dress with this metallic jacket that looked
almost fluid in the light. Hope you guys like the
photos! Love you all.
Photograpy: Zanita Morgan
Hair and Makeup: Sina Velke
Styling: Bethany Struble
Dress: Supermuse
Boots: Vintage