Not Dressed For The Weather, Doctor

jacket: vintage levis        shorts: vintage levis        shirt: vintage        shoes: Doc Martens courtesy of dr martens X
With limited clothing options in my suitcase, I managed to create an outfit around these stunning boots I got courtesy of Dr Martens and! Oh and my dad wanted me to mention he took these photos for me. haha
Denim on denim is always good.. and Michigan has kind of put me in a more outdoors-y kind of mood.  Pardon my wet hair. It never dries in this weather. (I plan on wearing this outfit when I get back to California…definitely couldn’t wear this for more than the few minutes it took to take the photos.) Weather forcast.
So a problem arose when I was packing my suitcase back up. (I leave here on Friday!) I bought too much stuff at Goodwill and Salvation Army that I’m going to have to ship things back to California ahaha. I can’t wait to show you all my finds! I also bought Peter some stuff too. I couldn’t help myself. Everything is so cheap here!
So yeah.. it ended up being a bit of a problem, but its gunna be okay! until i have to fit it into my room..thats a whole other problem. ;)
I need to start up that “shop my closet” blog asap!
love you all.

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