Lunch With Swarovski

     I definitely wish I could have spent more time
     at this beautiful resort. I was invited out to have
     lunch and view the atelier Swarovski collection.
     Here are the photos! 
top: BCBG
skirt: Vintage altered by me
shoes: Shoemint
bag: Vintage

47 comments on “Lunch With Swarovski

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  2. wow, lovely look!

  3. stunning outfit you look beautiful <3

    Hayley xx

  4. this is so stunning! i love this ensemble.

  5. Love the top, hope you had fun at the lunch! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  6. lovely skirt!

  7. Great look! What did the skirt look like before you altered it?

    The Occasional Indulgence

  8. your are so lovely :)) i love your shoes

  9. Such a beautiful combination of the cropped top and skirt! Stunning heels as well.

    x Jony

  10. I adore the cropped top! And lovely photos.

  11. love that crop top!

  12. Beautiful pictures and you look so great, i love your skirt :P


  13. Loving the look, that top is amazing! xo Heidi

  14. Loving all of your recent posts. Such wonderful simple inspiration.

  15. Gorgeous photos!! :)

  16. it looks like a beautiful event! love your crop top!

  17. You look absolutely stunning for the Swarovski event!


  18. Wow amazing pictures really

  19. this outfit is so perfect ♥

  20. So luxe! I love the crystals scattered across the table. Very Swarovski!


  21. SO BEAUTIFUL! :)

    heartbeat blog

  22. what a gorgeouss top! <3

    visit mine in ur spare time hehe

  23. absolutely love the top!

  24. Great Look!! Love your shoes!!

  25. you look so gorgeous and i’ve never seen a crop top look classier. that skirt is such a beautiful color.


  26. I really admire your hair!
    Your hair could look blonde-ish outside the room,
    then it could look brunette inside the room. :D

  27. love your style girl :)


  28. I love that tablescape! Simple but so chic.


  29. This outfit is so gorgeous, I’m in love with the whole thing, the top and skirt together is amazing!

  30. you are soo beautiful, great look, perfect!

  31. Amazing photos!
    Really love your outfit.

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  33. Lovely pictures! Really love your shoes.

    Breathe Me

  34. you look stunning! love your skirt!

  35. incredibly beautiful pictures, your hair is gorgeous and I love your outfit.. the shoes are awesome:)

  36. I absolutely adore the top, it’s perfect for this season, and the colour of the skirt, is just so delicious.

  37. Perfect skirt, perfect shoes. And once again, amazing photos. I love the vintage californian vibe you give to your photos

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