Insta NYC Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

     1st row: Travel items and the view
2nd row: Enjoying NYC in spring
3rd row: Top of the Rock
4th row: dinner with Samsung
5th row: Washington Square and a latte
6th row: S4 launch party building and Bruno!
     I had such an amazing time going to New York for
     two days with Samsung! We did all the touristy
     things around the city and took a ton of photos with
     our new Galaxy S4 phones. Bruno Mars performed
     at the S4 launch party in this gorgeous historical
     building. It was such a crazy and last minute trip,
     but thank you, Samsung, for letting me be a part of
     the talented group Digital Influencers. #thenextbigthing

22 comments on “Insta NYC Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch

  1. Such a beautiful camera, I really love your photos! xx

    Maddy from

  2. So, all pics were taken by SG4? Nice! Looks like you had an amazing time in NY!

  3. So lucky to see Bruno in live!
    I’ve heard great things about
    the Samsung G4 c:


  4. How exciting! What great photos from your SG4!


  5. you’re so gorgeous!
    love ur ripeed jeans too mucchhh <3

    please kindly visit mine in ur spare time

  6. you have the most beautiful pictures!

  7. Amazing and adorable photos!

    Lots of kisses, Elly
    The Spotted Cherry Pie Blog | Twitter | Instagram

  8. I always enjoy your Instagram photos! X

  9. As I wanted to see Bruno Mars. You’re a lucky girl! :)

  10. You’re stunnign!

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