Elizabeth and James Fall 2013

     I ended fashion week with the Elizabeth and James presentation.
     It was the perfect collection. Everything about it was great.
     Mary-Kate and Ashley even made an appearance!
     My favorite overall look was the spotted sweater with the
     pencil skirt and red bag. Looking forward to the plushy, oversized
     coats and pony-hair bags for next fall! All of this is going at
     the top of my wishlist.

18 comments on “Elizabeth and James Fall 2013

  1. Great photos! I would love to go in fashion weeks. You are very lucky!


  2. Beautiful clothes! :)

    heartbeat blog

  3. Amazing collection! Love each and every piece! x


  4. my inner 13 year old is so excited that Mary Kate and Ashley made an appearance haha
    one thing i seriously love about living in Australia is being able to try out these styles almost immediately.. or versions of them anyway.
    much love xo

  5. totally in love with this minimalistic collection !!
    xoxo from


  6. Gosh i like the collection so much !


    Coline ♡

  7. Such an amazing collection, the coats are stunning!


  8. gorgeous models!

  9. Such a lovely collection. My favorite is the outfit and specially the red bag on the pictures number 6 and 7!!


  10. Oh wow what a beautiful outfits (and models!), love that furry coat especially!


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