Fashion Weeks Past

February 2012
September: 2012
    Can’t wait to go back in a week! So many amazing memories to come.
    Any tips on staying warm? Its going to be cooooooold!

22 comments on “Fashion Weeks Past

  1. Love all the pictures!
    I always love seeing your post :)

    heartbeat blog

  2. Beautiful photos!


  3. can’t wait to see your coverage this year!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Beautiful photos! You’re so lucky to be able to attend fashion week!
    Packing boots and layering chunky knit scarves would be the best way to stay warm! Also, going on regular hot beverage breaks! :)
    Hope you have fun!

  5. you are so lucky to see all of those fashion shows !!! I love your outfits too !!

  6. (: Fantastic photos!


  7. YES!! reunion!! can’t wait to see ya :)


  8. These are absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to see your fashion week pics this year, they are always some of my favourites :)

    x Mariana |

  9. So excited for you! Can’t wait to see your Fashion Week photos!

  10. Girl, you have no idea how cold its been getting here!
    Bundle up! bring as many layers and furs as you can haha

    xo ohsokatieli

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