Friday, January 11, 2013

Cold Ground

    Don't worry, I didn't chop my hair off. Its tucked into my jacket. 
    Buuuut I'm thinking of chopping it to about that length.. 
    Should I do it? I'm a wimp when it comes to my hair. I never 
    cut it and I've never colored it. I've always been too nervous! 
    My hair is also so flat and thin. I never know what to do with it! 
    What do you think? Should I go for the chop? 
    Also, I don't think I've ever worn a turtle neck on this blog. 
    Well, theres a first for everything! Love you all.
top: Necessary Clothing 
jeans: Levis mid waist 
jacket is vintage 
boots are vintage 
sunnies: The Caravan


  1. amazing blazer!


  2. You look great with this turtleneck top!!! So preppy but sexy....don't cut your hair :)

  3. I like your hair like this! maybe you should chop it off x

  4. Yes, I think you should try it! The length you have in the pictures is nice, you could even cut it a little bit shorter, just above shoulder length. I am sure both haircuts would look amazing. Oh and I really like your turtle neck top by the way!

  5. I don't know if you should chop it off but as you as you'll be happy with result. I really like it that ways, maybe you should try different hairstyles, like braids (especially fishtail braids), pigtails, etc. :)

    Love this outfit by the way! :)


  6. I've chopped off my hair a few months ago
    and I liked it :P but I kind of missing
    braiding and such...


  7. Yes, you should cut your hair! I've already have my hair that lengh and I get sick of it. After the cut (The lenght in the picture) I felt fresh and new! ahaha
    Just Try! :)

  8. You are incredibly beautiful! ;-)

  9. Cut it, cut it, cut it! I'm sure it'll look and feel a bit thicker if it's shorter, as I've noticed with my best friend whose hair is as long as yours. Either way, it's inevitable that you're going to be just as beautiful either way. New hair just feels SO good!

  10. oh oh that blazer !!! spectacular ♥

  11. I've always loved changing my look! :)

    So i say you should cut it!
    Plus, you've been wearing the same hair for a long time... it's not time to change?

    Though, I understand if you dont, your hair is very beautiful and long, and it looks healthy. But I do think, that short hair will suit you, and your hair will look cool too! (mine will be a mess!!) :)

  12. when it comes to hair - do it! here's a blog of a girl that did the same thing: before and after and i think it was the best thing to do. if you have flat hair, a short haircut will make it much ligthter ;)

    i loveeeee your blog
    xoxo, Weronika

  13. Nooo! Don't chop them.
    They look amazing long.

    Love, A!

  14. That hairlength would look amazing on you!
    I also cut my hair a lot shorter, but I never regretted it :)
    I love that blazer :)

  15. Love that crop top!

    xo Jennifer

  16. I think you would look absolutely amazing with a shoulder length lob. Thinner hair gets a little more body when it's a bit shorter, too.

  17. That doesn't look like a turtleneck... then again my neck is short so. I love the cropped shirt and this blazer. Sexy but classic.

  18. I think you should just cut off enough to donate it and keep the rest, that way you won't lose too much and you'll always be able to think about the good thing you've done for somebody else!

  19. I say go for it! Plus hair is so amazing - it grows back! Thin hair does better at shorter lengths, it has more volume and body and wont weigh you down as much. I say take the chance, it would look so lovely on you! (New year, new you!)

  20. Love the jacket! And I think you would look great with shoulder length hair or a bob! YOLO right?

  21. go for the cut! you'll look great (:

  22. i think you should cut it. it always grows back... :) it sucks to always wonder "if".

  23. Seriously loving this look. Turtle neck crops are awesome!

    I chopped 14 inches off- seriously liberating. It feels so good and it's easy and fun. After awhile I started missing my braids.
    Here I am 3 years later, and it's back to being about your length.

    Don't think about it too hard. I did it on a whim and it was a great decision.

  24. you look so much more grown-up and more like a 'woman' with the shorter hair! i would definitely do it if i were you! wow, you're beautiful

  25. NOOOOO! Don't cut it!!!!!

  26. Reminds me a little of Dakota Fanning? I think it suits you so I say go for the chop. Hair always grows back anyway.. xo

  27. I think you should just go for it. It looks good in a longer bob and your hair will always grow back :) If you never try, you never know.

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  30. Creative look. I liked the pants!

    A million kisses, Susan

  31. Definitley cut it... My sister has very similar hair to yours and she cut it. Its now so much easier to maintain and looks really healthy. She loves it! Love your blog btw! xxx :)

  32. That is the most perfect blazer! I wish I had a similar one :)

  33. oh and I just cut my hair, it wasn't as long as yours but it was really unhealthy and the ends were dead. I've never really had the guts to do it before, but now I'm really happy with it. I love long hair too, but it's nice to wear it a little shorter for a while :) it'll grow long soon enough anyway!

    Your hair is gorgeous like that, but it would look amazing shorter, too.

  34. Hey, just came across your post after a long day at uni.
    If you do decide to go for the chop (I personally flip coins when I'm very torn between two options ;)), a way to make yourself feel better about it is to send your precious locks to some charitable organisation. Here in the UK there's one called the Little Princess Trust (I'm sure there's similar ones in the States) and they use your hair donations to make wigs for children or adults who have lost the ability to grow their own hair due to chemotherapy. I did that in December and knowing that my hair was going to put a smile on someone's face made it much easier to make the decision to go for the chop ;)

    Greetings from Glasgow!

  35. I think you should chop it off! You'll look gorgeous either way :)

  36. LOVE your blazer! i think your hair would look good short too but I do like it long!


  37. Love this look!

    I've never colored my hair and im 25 years old! I am considering this is the year I give in...but im a wimp also! the most I've done is get a body wave and I think thats a pretty big step! I always want to chop it off but I know I'll regret I think this means Im saying keep the length! A healthy trim wouldn't hurt!


  38. Great look. I love it. And don't cut them you look great with long hair.
    Kiss Andie ;)