All Saints Event

These boots
 Jacket: borrowed from Peter       dress: thrifted       shoes: thrifted
Had a great time at the All Saints event at the Cosmopolitan! Free food and shopping.. I was happy. Plus, Bebe got her driver to pick us up in a limo from the hotel. ;) I felt glamorous haha
I wish I could buy everything. Click the links below the items I photographed to view them online.
Love you all.

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  1. Love all the photos!!! *O* FREE FOOD AND SHOPPING?! So lucky! haha (:


  2. You look lovely as always Bethany!
    I really like the muted colors of your outfit paired with the bright blue watch strap as well as the overall simplicity of each piece. Everything goes together in a very nice quiet fashion that isn’t boring but is instead elegant and classy.

    Free food as well as shopping? That must have been quite heavenly…
    There’s so many cute All Saints pieces in these photos as well as in stock on their website.
    Oh how I lust for so many things! :)

    Thanks for sharing these great photos from the event.
    It’s always lovely to see Olivia as well!

    Have an amazing week darling <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  3. The red boots look amaaazing!

  4. You look so beautiful on these photos! :)

  5. I love All Saints !

  6. You’re so pretty as always! Love the effortless look! xx

  7. I like your jacket! And all shoes of this post are awesome :)

  8. love your look!

  9. Everything looks so lovely, that i want to buy all the things)
    and your outfit is great)

  10. gorgeous, love your outift!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  11. I love the boots, you look great Bethany(:

  12. Anonymous

    where is his jacket from?? Why don’t you ever answer our questions!? :(

  13. those boots are just too rad!! xx

  14. loved the colors!

  15. you look gorgeous!

  16. loove this boots! xx

  17. oh my god their boots! god i love all saints!

  18. I can’t believe there’s an easy good option to.

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