Threadflip Contest

It would be awesome if you could help me out with this contest! The winner gets a $1500 blogging contract!!
All you have to do is “like” the threadflip facebook page and then go to my entry HERE and click vote!
I can’t do it without you guys!
Here are the links again
Threadflip facebook page:
PS. You can vote EVERY 24 HOURS!
Love you all.

11 comments on “Threadflip Contest

  1. Voted! Good Luck Bethany! You deserve it! :)

  2. you totally deserve to win! love your style

  3. I voted for you and bookmarked it so i can hopefully remember to vote everyday :) please remind us in the posts until the contest is over, too, just in case i forget!! I really truly hope you win, Bethany. You more than anyone deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
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  4. I voted for you Bethany, I hope you win, you deserve it ♥-Axelle

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  6. I voted you Bethany :) Good luck dear!


  7. Hope you win!!! <3

  8. There ya go, one more ;) Good luck!

    xo Sarah

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