jeans: Kasil Workshop     blouse: forever 21       hat: asos
Day in Malibu with Peter and Kylie. We got smoothies and sandwiches at a cafe and went to a little thrift shop where I bought the black belt I’m wearing.
The end.

21 comments on “Malibu

  1. gorgeous outfit. jelous of the amazing weather!

    Glass of Fashion

  2. Love the Kasil jeans on you! xo

  3. Gorgeous outfit :) I love your jeans. You always have some nice trousers on you :)

  4. hey beauty, i still didnt get it, so peter is kylies father and still your boyfreind right? love

  5. Seems like you guys had a fun time – such a simply chic look!

  6. so beautiful! ♥

  7. I really like your blog. I’m From Portugal and recently I made a blog wich includes art and fashion. Please visit it and if you liked, follow it too :)

  8. sounds like a very chill day. love the outfit! xx

  9. I wanted to see more of my Kylie :(

  10. like the simplicity of this look great hat!

  11. You look gorgeous in this outfit !!!

  12. i love ur hat :) x

  13. simple chic and beautiful

  14. That sounds like a wonderful little time. And you look fantastic as per usual- i love those shoes! xx

  15. beautiful.
    follow me please.


  16. that hat fits you perfectly ♥

  17. i love this outfit!!!

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