Thats What You Want

jacket: viparo       scarf:        jeans: Levi’s curve ID (courtesy of levis x        shoes: forever 21
Got away from work long enough to take some photos in the back alley! I’ve been mixing and matching my clothes here because I only brought a limited amount. haha I’ve gotten pretty creative with making my outfits look different with only a few options of clothing. But I haven’t been as creative with my hair. I just throw it up in a bun every day to keep it out of the way while working. I guess it works! I went to salvation army today and bought a couple more sweaters because the weather here is supposed to get EXTREMELY cold again. Its been beautiful lately. Highs of 70 degrees :) I wear these jeans all the time here in Michigan. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable. Take the quiz to find your perfect fit HERE. :)
As always, I gotta get to work! I’ll be back to posting regularly once I’m back home.
Love you all.

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