Like I’m The Only One

 shirt: H&M      blazer: Chicwish      shorts: vintage       shoes: Romwe     sunglasses: 80’s purple
I’m sorry I haven’t been posting very often! I’m still in Michigan, and I’ve been working like crazy! This was taken a bit before I left California!
The weather here in Michigan was amazingly good! I got to wear some tights and a dress today! woohoo! No more snow clothes haha
I’ve been wearing like 4 layers every day!
Everything is going well, and I’m about to post the first blog post on the Mickey Matson blog tomorrow hopefully! I’ve been filming behind the scenes and taking so many pictures its actually filled up my whole computer! I had to order an external hard-drive haha
I hope you all are staying warm. I miss posting often :( Don’t give up on me! haha I’ll be posting regularly as soon as I can find the time!
love you all.

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