Every Word You Said

Shoes: Courtesy of Nine West X Lookbook.nu       dress: clubcouture.cc       jacket: LAmade       socks: asos.com  (find here)      scarf: stylerev.com
My family is coming to Michigan tomorrow! I miss my daughter so much. I’m so excited to see her! Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day at work though! The movie is really looking amazing, but we have like 20 people to dress tomorrow. Its going to be an insane rush. Wish me and Lauren luck! Were going to need it. haha
So these boots were sent to me for a collaboration with Nine West and Lookbook.nu! They’re the perfect boots for fall. I always love heeled boots! I scrunched some socks in them to stay a little warmer in my little black dress.
The jacket is from LAmade and it is the best thing ever! Its perfect for layering under other jackets or just wearing it by itself…it sort of adds another texture. I just love it!
and the scarf was sent to me by stylerev.com. I wish I brought it to Michigan with me because I would be wearing it every day here!
Stay warm. Love you all.

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