top: glamour kills     shoes: wholesale-dress     jacket: club couture      shorts: stitch union
I apologize for the blurry photographs. I gotta work with what I got! 
I found out what I’m really good at though.. Making stupid faces. haha
But heres some fun news! Yesterday, Kylie and I were sitting outside under the umbrellas in my backyard when the earthquake hit in LA! It was a 4.2! When it hit, Kylie looked around and I ran and grabbed her to move to a safe place, but it only lasted a couple seconds. After it stopped Kylie looked at me and said, “oooo.. scary!”
haha she handled it better than I expected.
But nothing to worry about! Everything is good here :) Just another day haha.
and yes, my shoelaces are laced differently. I actually just noticed that.. oh boy, I’m a mess.

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