Our Way Back

shirt: glamour kills      vest: vintage      shorts: herej      bag: aldo       shoes: vintage guess
Went thrift shopping with my momma and Kylie in the little Mexican town and found a bunch of vintage Levis that I’m gunna cut up and stud to sell! I’m planning on photographing all the clothes I need to get rid of after this weekend and putting them up for sale soon!! I’ll let you know when my “shop my closet” blog is launched!
I got these awesome little shoes from the thrift store a while back for like $2. I really don’t know what kind of shoe they are.. haha but I like em.
These photos definitely represent the California heat! Do you feel it? haha
and I forgot to tell you all, but I put a “featured in” button in my side bar so you can see what I’ve been featured in! I’ll update it anytime I find another feature.. so if you see random pics of me floatin around let me know so I can add it in there! and also.. I would totally love it if you guys want to send me some readers art! I know a couple of you mentioned it to me! and I’ll put a link to show off all your beautiful creations as soon as you guys start a’sendin!
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